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    Hi guys,

    So i have pain/numbness while skinning specifically, no other time do i get this problem or any problem re:feet.
    I have new boots (32 tm2 xlt, ridden maybe 20 days) which fit great when resort riding, but as soon as i have skinned up to a peak, i want the damn things off immediately so i can get the circulation going again in my toes so i can enjoy the ride down! Not ideal!
    Initially i dismissed it, my old boots I experienced the same issue (orig tm2s) but not as bad, they had a lot of days on them and needed replacing so i thought it was just that. But no, the new boots are even worse. And even worse than that, i switched out the stock footbeds for custom ones and that increased the pain.
    I did a longer tour yesterday, and found the beginnings of a large blister feeling on the balls of my feet, so I know something isn’t right.

    Is it the built in forward lean in the boots? (I never use binding forward lean) or perhaps my skinning technique?
    It’s definitely a day ruiner and not much fun for the people i tour with too.

    Anyone else had this issue and what did you do?

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    The artery that feeds blood to your toes runs along the top of your foot. So a bad combination of the boot/binding strap/skinning stride is depriving your tootsies of warmth.

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