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    I was just informed that NS can only split boards before you buy them, not after you take it home from the factory, unwrap it and ride it in waist deep powda. Is this true? Can anyone who has had their board split there confirm or deny this? Do I need to break out the saw

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    NS splits are made by a couple of guys who work for neversummer, I hear they are really qaulity boards but they are constructed with an inner edge and I do believe that they have to be made as splits from the beggening. But you can always saw it yourself.

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    We have never split a solid board at NS. We custom make all of our splitters.

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    Bentley, thanks for the official word, I actually got the board from you. My boy Ellis introduced us. I was under the impression that I could just take it back to you guys anytime after i bought it. Didn’t know you guys custom them beforehand……until he broke it too me the other day. I guess my next question would be: know of anywhere around the front range that sells kits….maybe in say, Fort Collins…..or is the best bet online.

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    Nice looking board Bentley.

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    I believe Allboards Sports in Boulder sells kits, as well as a quiver of Priors.[/quote]

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    Is this a new place? Never heard of them. Where they located at?

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