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    Here in the Monashees we have been experiencing what is probably the worst winter on record, as far as snow goes. But even though the riding has not been great (an understatement) we have had some nice tours under true blue skies. Right now though, the skies are cloudy and we are still waiting for snow so I thought I would post another TR from earlier this month. I enjoy viewing the other trip reports, it is interesting to see the different terrain and conditions, and while I would like to post some shots of sweet lines and riding great powder, well……….. another day! For now:

    Who has to ride in the toboggan?

    No decision, so try again.

    We’re not sledders, but these wide track Skidoos are great for accessing the more remote backcountry. We’ll sometimes travel 40 or 50 miles off road, but today just 12 miles.

    Gearing up, our destination is the snow covered summit.

    Kris leads the way up through a recent burn, doesn’t look so great but nice to ride in.

    Making our way up to the pass.

    Sean pushed me over or…a dedicated photographer taking a picture of…..

    this snowlip.

    Taking a break befor kickstepping the last bit to the top.

    On the way up, a good ad for Voile.

    On the summit.

    Taking a cautious look over the edge….

    to the lake 1500 feet below.

    Weathers changing, so time to be going.

    Your’s truly…….not powder but still fun.

    Can you spot the two goofs?

    Here’s a hint!

    No, it’s not an ad for our favourite beverage….I just can’t figure out the camera.

    What I was after: (l to r) Kris, me, Rod, Sean, and Al enjoying our traditional end to another good day.

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    That looks like sooooo much fun!

    Thanks for sharing. 8)

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    Split66-Sweet photos and nice sleds to boot! Can you post a picture of your board carrying device (plywood it looks like) on your snowmobiles. I have just been using cord to attach my board to my snowmachine (it works but is not pretty). Would love to see a close-up.

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    Hey Wyomingsplit, glad you liked the photos. I posted a separate thread about the snowboard rack on the Talk forum so you can check it out there.

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