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    With the brunt of this storm (50+ inches) tracking north into the Washington Cascades, Andy, Todd and I decided to head to Hoodoo to check out the conditions instead of driving further to Bachelor and the cinder cone. The local backcountry spots in the central Oregon cascades don’t have enough snow yet, but the telemetry at Hoodoo showed 18 inches of new snow. Would there be enough to ride?

    This is what the gate looked like upon our arrival:

    We started skinning and it didn’t take long to realize that we were going to have a good time. The snowpack was about 20 inches. This was the second trip with my homemade Burton Custom split, and it didn’t dissapoint. Early season conditions are what I really made this board for 😀

    We didn’t hit the top of the mountain because the coverage was too thin, but did make several laps around mid mountain. The snow was nice and soft, but a little heavy. No complaints though given the date of these turns.

    Here’s a few shots of our first run…..Todd on teles, Matt on the splitter, and Andy on skis…..

    We made several runs after that. This was Andy’s first outing ouside of lift riding, and though he didn’t have AT bindings or boots, he kept up fine with the slow shoes. Now he just needs to get the rest of the gear and get with it. Here’s a parting shot near the end of our day of a big heelside powder spray……..


    I am jealous that you are out riding that while im looking at 65 and sunny.
    Great early season stoke! :disco:


    Damn that looks fun! :thumpsup:
    Wish we would get some a that white stuff down Utah way.

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    Saw you up there yesterday. Euclid and I were the ones who skinned by and on to the top. Thanks for leaving the goods at the top for us, it was much appreciated. We lapped the top pitch 3 times, it was much nicer snow than lower down.I have found that as soon as they show 10″ on the report there is plenty of snow up top.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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