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    I did 3 seasons with F22’s and loved them. Picked up Malamutes in November and am pretty miserable. I got them fitted and all seemed good. I don’t get really any heel play but the weird material in the heel pocket seems to rip my heels(inside of my heels specifically). I also find the upper boot CONSTANTLY getting loose. At the resort it is brutal. Touring it’s a little more acceptable but no good still.

    So I picked up some Intuition liners which are super comfortable. But they are a bit bigger and now I really can’t get the upper boot to stay tight. Literally within about 5 mins of skinning my entire ankle is moving. I am afraid to even try riding the resort like this.

    Any suggestions?? I’m about ready to toss these into the wood chipper here. I think I should just get a boot with laces.

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    This is a funny morning for Salomon boots. Toss the malamutes in the wood chipper. The F22 and malamute are very different boots. After riding F22’s for years I tried the malamutes once…they made made me angry. Halfway thru the first run on malamutes I almost took off my board and walked down because that seemed like more fun. But that is just a flex preference thing. Stick with what ya know…

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    Yea it seems everyone is talking about them. I kind of figured I should have stayed with what I liked but the malamutes get pretty solid reviews on here. Wish you had laid it down like that in November!!

    I thought that the new f2.0 were the f20’s and the f3.0 were the f22’s but I’m reading mixed info on that. F3.0’s look ridiculous IMO.

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    A Velcro power strap around the cuff after lacing tight will mostly prevent the cuff from loosening up. I loaned a pair to my buddy with clickers for this reason and they made all the difference.

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    Unwilling to waste even a minute of precious winter I brought home Driver X’s today. Battling with uncomfortble boots is for skiers, f that noise.

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    I have been using Malamutes for 2 seasons now. Had them fitted at a boot shop and all. Overall I really like them. But there is one issue I have as the OP has mentioned. WTF is with the red vagina lips in the heel cup? Are they just there to chew holes in your heels? I suppose this is some sort of heel lockdown? But really it is an awesome sock remover and blister maker. WTF?????!!!!!!!!!!. Otherwise a fantastic boot. I have found if I use just the right sock, and lace the inner boot super tight I can keep those nasty meat curtains in there under control and get no heel lift.

    Might spring for some intuitions next year and keep the shell.

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    I like your term for the heel things. They are ridiculous. I’m about 15 days on the driver x’s now and super happy. Though the liners feel kinda packed out already!!

    I have some intuitions (28) used twice and not heat molded I’d let go for a good price if interested.

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    what binding are you using with the malamutes? anyone else size 11? I’m having rubbing issues of the sides of the heel area on the highback.

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    @fitit wrote:

    what binding are you using with the malamutes? anyone else size 11? I’m having rubbing issues of the sides of the heel area on the highback.

    ’11/12 Blazes. And I was quickly noticing wear in the same spot, inside of heels mostly.

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    I have only had this issue when skinning with my malamutes. love them on the resort. when I skin I duct tape my ankle and have now built up a pretty mean calus there. I am gonna get some intution liners I will let you boys now what I find.

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    huh, is that heel issue new for the 2013 boots maybe, i’ve never heard of it before. i’m on my second pair of malamutes, had some 2009 and then some 2012. the outer lace system that “clicks” in is what I have a problem with. I need to try getting a big rubberband or something. The velcro on the power strap also wears thin.

    I got custom cork footbeds this past season and they made a huge difference with holding my heel in place. I still think I need to go down in half a size on my next Salomon boot.

    I tried Nike Zoom Force 1’s two seasons ago – never again! very painful

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    I’ve been really happy with my old F22’s, although, I think they’ll need to be replaced this next season. I’ve genearlly loved my boots, but, it seems like there are some major issues with their new boots.

    If any of you have switched from the F22’s, what did you go with?

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    Driver X’s. Super nice, but I wore them out pretty fast. Tongue stiffeners work great for the resort but I find them a pain to use touring. If only I could keep the shells and get a new set of liners (Burton ones, not aftermarket)! Anyone…?

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    Funny, I used to use F24s and loved them. And now I like my Malamutes a lot – don’t *love* them, but they are just a few minor changes away from being perfect for me. Mainly, because they’ve been so dependable for me in all kinds of crazy snow and long ass hikes. I’ve tromped for miles over volcanic rocks and till, glacial riverbeds full of downed trees, hiked along the ocean and in saltwater – and whether booting skinning or riding the Mutes have done what’s been asked of them. I prolly have close to 100 days on my pair and they are holding up.

    But I seem to remember F22s being softer and more jibby than the F24s. So, different strokes for different folks.

    My favorite backcountry gaper experience ever was finding out 7 miles from the trailhead on a cold night (10F, cold by CA standards) that “F” stands for “FUSION” non-removable liner. So much for getting those liners into my bag with me. Those fuckers froze solid that night, took me 5 minutes to contort my feet into them the next day, and when I did my feet instantly went numb for the rest of the tour. Doh. I’m never buying a boot with a non-removable liner ever again!

    Matt Wood
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    I’m on my fourth pair of synapse, non boa types that have to be special ordered every year. They last about a season before they start leaking and pack out (About a half season longer than any burton junk I used to ride). Interesting to me that no one mentions these as an option. Malamutes are way too stiff and the f22’s are a resort boot at best. I really try and stay away from Solomon as much as possible (Still have a copy of tws from way back where they were quoted as saying “Snowboarding is a fad and not worth investing $ and r&d on”. That said, every year I put on a new pair and forget there new. Which is nice.

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    My only complaint with my ‘mutes is the shell size is about an inch longer than the same size in my old burtons. Having a big foot, this means increased toe drag. Looking at going back to Drivers or something similar with a smaller footprint, literally. Then maybe I can ride a board that is less than 26 cm!

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    I’m in the process of looking at new boots. I am on my second pair of malamutes and have been quite pleased with them. Regarding the heel stuff, I wear thick wool socks and they just seem to be all bunched up at the heel at the end of the day, but never had any chaffing. But the outer pull strings are way stretched out and the inner heel lock is also stretched almost to the point of not connecting to the Velcro. Anybody have different boots for resort riding and hiking? Thinking malamutes may not be the best choice for me at the resort. Anybody split with thirty two boots?

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