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    Hi all, just wanted to see how many Norwegian splitboarders is on this forum 😀
    Would be cool to hear where in Norway you are located, what you are riding – and where.

    I live in Akershus. Im new at splitboarding, however i’ve ridden snowboards for many years.
    Im in the process of splitting a LibTech 1986 Snow Mullet (i call it the “Banana Split” :bananas: ). New Spark Blaze bindings is ordered, and cant wait to get it ready for the mountains.
    My first board was a Burton Elite – but thats a looong time ago:

    If anyone has one for sale i would be interested in buying so i can hang it on my wall 😀



    Cool board you have there :thumpsup:

    I`m from Finland but I live now in Tromsø. I have ride splitboards 5 years and I have been snowboarding over 20 years. Now I ride with JJ Solution 164.
    Furberg Snowboards
    Black Diamond



    This is my first season splitting, but have been riding for about 10years.

    i’m from Karmøy (rogaland) but i now live in Volda so i can live close to the mountains.

    My splitboard is now a Prior spearhead 172, but i’ll probably buy a solution next year because i’m very happy with my flagship solid board:)

    Happy splitting!


    Hi this will be ny first splitboard season. I have Been snowboarding for 20 years. I live in Vestfold, and do my snowboarding in Hemsedal.



    Looking to buy my first splitboard. Still deciding between DIY or just going for a full package.
    Located in Bergen. So my solid board riding is mostly at Voss/Myrkdalen and Eikedalen.


    Bor i Isfjorden ved Åndalsnes. Splitboarder hele tiden!



    Kom tilfeldigvis over bloggen din. Satse på du trives i Nord da!
    Kjører selv i Myrkdalen hvor du hadde to miniturer til Finnbunuten. Har ikke splitboard selv enda, så har drevet å gått til fots opp der med brettet på ryggen. :banghead:


    Bor i Stavanger,har Voile Mojo RX 171.

    Kjører mest i Røldal/haukelifjell og Hunnedalen. I vinter har det blitt en whistler tur allerede og blir en liten roadtrip med husbil i alpene straks.

    Pål Rype


    I dont know what you guys are saying but I like seeing it! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


    Splitboarding is growing here in Norway, and we have dealers with Voile/Prior/Jones over here now. theres certainly no lack of good riding areas either. if you live on the right side of the mountains that is 8)



    I’m planning on moving to Norway later in the year for work and have a number of options on where I can base myself, either Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger or Oslo. My main reason for relocating is to be closer to the mountains (currently live in Western Australia – can’t get further from a mountain) and to get some serious splitboarding done.

    Where would be my best bet for good snow and terrain. From my own research it would seem Trondheim is closer to major mountain centres but I’m keen on any information you guys might be able to give me.



    From Bergen you can get to the Voss area (W/NW from Bergen) in about 1,5 hrs. Awesome mountains there. Bergen-Sogndal is about 3,5 hrs (Sogndal has some of the best “fun-terrain” in the country in my opinion)

    Stavanger: roughly 3 hrs to Røldal/Haukeli which has an amazing snowfall but too much “weather” and not enough treeruns for grey days. Stavanger also has some good surfing spots if you’re into it.

    Trondheim: Havent been much up there, but Oppdal is the nearest “major” resort. There’s a lot of mellow mountains south of Trondheim, with Sunndal and Romsdal being the nearest “proper” mountain areas (3-4 hrs I guess).

    Oslo: You don’t want to live there (in my opinion 🙂 )


    thanks for the feedback. Bergen could be the go as my wife is applying to the university there as well. 1.5 hour drive sounds a lot better than 6 hour flight which is my current closest hill !

    not sure I’d handle surfing Norwegian water temps but I’ll give it a go. am hoping to get in some kitesurfing too.

    can’t wait to get there and check it out.


    I live in Stavanger. we have a great mountain area called Hunnedalen

    Its 1 hour from town.

    Haukeli have fun open forest riding and rocks on grey days.

    We also have the best surf in Norwaii and a big kitesurf scene(on snow also) 15-60 minutes from town.

    Bergen has no waves. I would avoid settle in Oslo at all cost.. Trondheim is kind of flat,no waves and bad wind.


    Lots of good kitesurf close to Stavanger. Snowkiting is also quite popular in Norway. from Bergen you will find splitboard-able mountains within 30-45 mins of driving from town, the Voss area is the closest are with “real” mountains (as in, “snowboard-movie-worthy” mountains 🙂 ).

    Keep me posted, I’m in Bergen/Voss from time to time.


    sweet. sounds like i can’t lose. stavanger definitely offers me more work wise but will have to see how my wife ‘s uni application goes. either way i can’t wait to get there.. and the general feel seems to be to give oslo a miss which i can certainly love with.

    expect me to be hitting you up for more info once i know where we are going.

    thanks for all the advice


    Stavanger is also a big oil city. high salaries (and cost of living).If you have skills the oil companys need its more than possible to land a job on an offshore oil rig. work rotation could be 2 weeeks on 4 weeks off! :thumpsup:

    Bergen is also a hub for the oil platforms,but is a little less centred around the oil.



    I am coming to norway at the end of march and would like to get some splitboarding done! I plan on attending the splitboard festival in Romsdalen in mid april.

    Anyone looking for a partner or wouldn’t mind taking along an extra please let me know.




    Stay well clear of oslo…
    Bergen has kvamskogen area 45min drive away. From there to voss it only gets better and better :bananas: The mountains around voss got its on book this year. Called “topptur i vossafjell” Several trips documented with pictures, car access, alternative routes and things to look out for.
    Should also be mentioned that Bergen and Voss is linked via train. Both local and express. At least one trip mentioned in the book can be reached from one of the local trainstations.
    If there is a good winter in Bergen you can take a cable car to mount ulriken and freeride down with the city of Bergen as view 😀
    Bear in mind I`m a local patriot and dont even own a splitboard yet 😀


    Nice pic from Ulriken! I lived in Bergen for several years, snowboarding Ulriken in still on my list 🙂

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