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    Here is a new TR from Norway.
    Reading your trip reports from the other side of the Atlantic ocean inspire me to get up in the mountains.

    This day our plan was to meet some of the other members of our local skiclub and head for Blaabretind.
    I’ve been to this mountain before but then I hiked up from the east side.
    Blaabretind is placed in Hjorundfjorden, one of the wildest landscapes in western Norway.
    The fjord is surrounded by high mountains, jagged peaks and glaciers.
    The rest of the group was going by boat across the fjord from the club hut, so I and my girlfriend took our boat from Aalesund and met them at Trandal.

    Looking towards Hjorundfjorden

    Girlfriend driving our boat

    One of our friends has a old fishing vessel he use for transportation across the fjord.

    Since snow starts at 500m some of the club members had organised transportation from the boat.

    Just started

    GF and a couple of our friends

    Rest of the group, and Blaabretind in the middle.

    View from the top towards the fjord.

    Top picture

    GF looking for a way down

    Svein find his way home

    A short walk to the transportation down to the local pub for a cold beer.

    Trandal harbour

    Trandal is a remote place with only five resident.
    In summer time it is popular to go here by boat to the local pub.
    The owner of the pub is around 65year old and have a lot of good stories from the old days.

    Driving home from another great trip.

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    Thanks, that was really nice. Every pic I see of Norway seems so clean. Looking at the dock/bar you went to even it seems squeaky clean

    Only way to make this better is a 5mm wetsuit and some wakeboarding behind your boat on the way out or in

    Thanks again I LOVE Norway,except Ive never been

    And lastly, why is there always a guy named Svien in every norway story. Must be like Joe or Jim over here :headbang: :rock: :thatrocks: :bananas:

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    Thanks Tex,

    Wakeboarding or a couple of hour surfing would make the day perfect. 😀
    The name Svein comes from old Norse and means something like “boy” or “young unmarried man”

    Kyle Miller
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    I cant handle this :drool:
    I have a feeling if I went to Norway I would never go back to the states.

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    Nice multi-sport trip! Looks beautiful up there. How long are your days at this time?

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    Thanks for sharing Rune! What a beautiful country.

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    @Snurfer wrote:

    Thanks for sharing Rune! What a beautiful country.


    Looks just awesome. Someday……

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    Sunrise 5am and sunset 10pm so we have 17hours daylight at the moment.
    Aalesund is placed at almost same latitude as Mt.McKinley in Alaska.

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    that was awesome. thanks for posting

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    Awesome. :thatrocks:
    You have a kickass boat too

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    That’s a cool TR, even cooler to go by boat for drinking a beer! Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow, that looks amazing. Great TR. Awesome boat too!

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    great pics and terrain, thanks for posting. i always enjoy seeing these TR’s.

    im quite jealous you guys have so much daylight

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    Damn fine TR, hope to see that first-hand one day :thatrocks:

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