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    hey guys just picked up my prior khyber 165 carbon from the factory and i can’t wait to ride….but i need new boots. i spent some time in whistler trying on some boots…i have wide E fore foot and a relativly narrow heel so finding boots has always been a bit rough for me…the last few years i have suffered huge foot cramps from having ill fitting boots and having to flex my foot etc….anyways i didn’t find anything in whistler that really blew me away, but a boot fitter there suggested i check out northwave boots. i must say they look awesome to my eyes…just wondering on the fit and if anyone has been riding them?

    I am debating between 3 boots: Decade sl, Domain SL and the legend SL…..wondering if anyone knows if they are all built off the same last and therefore the widths will be the same….or if one of those models tends to run wider than the others?

    also does anyone know a retailer in Calgary that carries northwave? not finding any listed, but you never know. I just may have to order all three and see which one fits best.

    thanks in advance for the answers. Pray for snow!!

    ps. what abut deeluxe? wider fit or narrow fit?

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    Im not sure on current northwave status but I was riding a pair of decade Sl I believe. They held up pretty well, I was using them for BC and resort riding and got over 100 days before they started to fall apart on me. (Stitching) They are a hard company to work with as they are kinda small and focused on other things (bike shoes.) But if you can locate them I would definetly give them a try, I replaced them with a burton ion but they are a very similar boot for flex and build quality and HALF the price of burtons. I think the domain is the stiffer of the boots if I remember correctly.

    they are worth checking out for the price point alone.

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    I also have the decade SL and really like them…northwave is super difficult to get a hold of, but they replaced a pair of boots for me once (a couple of years ago) and, upon request, sent me extra laces for my bc kit.

    all and all, happy with them but for the difficulty in getting a hold of folks (which may have changed in the last year or so, as I understand that there was some change in who in North America was handling customer service).

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    been using decade’s for the last 6 or 7 years.
    different models, the last ones with SL lacing.
    great boots, one of the best liners in the market for sure (for their price), and the lacing system is reliable.
    However, the sole isn’t made for hiking… I slipped a couple of times when hiking in sketchy areas so I stopped using when I know there’s going to be some hiking involved.
    With the pannel construction makes skinnning really easy but still keep a decent flex.

    a friend has the Domain SL, definetely stiffer and with a more decent sole!

    in Europe Northwave is one of the best boots manufacturers and great post-sales service :thatrocks:

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    I’ve worn nothing but Northwaves for the past 15 or so years. Super comfy right out of the box, no breaking in or special footbeds or anything like that required. Like slippers, still feel good after 15 hours in them, driving, walking around town, shoveling, whatever. I ride the Legends, and have also used the Decade, usually 2-3 seasons (maybe 250 days) a pair 50/50 resort/backcountry. As noted above, not the best sole for hiking firm snow or ice (I’ve scared the crap out of myself in places I shouldn’t have been scared), but for pow chasing they’ve done me well. Some of the newer models have vibram sole which should hike better, especially if you like a stiffer boot.

    Their mountain bike shoes are equally impressive.

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    thanks for the info guys…great input. I am headed to calgary on wednesday and there are a couple of shops that are supposed to have northwave’s in stock. I will try them…and a whole host of others then.

    I must say the customer service aspect worries me, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it I guess.

    anyone riding a deeluxe? the xv looks amazing, but perhaps too much boot for me right now lol

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    so an update…I purchased a pair of northwave decade SL…and man am i impressed. super comfy in the store…most comfortable boot I have ever fot right out of the box. I must admit that I have a very hard foot to fit. I have a very wide forefoot and a narrow heel, high arch with a high volume foot…plus my foot is fairly C shaped rather than straight and I have narrow ankles but very large calves…ya always a bit of a struggle to fit boots for me, because of this the last few years have been hell for me with boots. I ended up wearing boots that were too big for me to make up for lack of width in the correct size..this led to massive heel lift and sloppy feet and in turn led to cramping like you wouldn’t believe!! was tot he point that after 2 or 3 runs i was done for the day…especially at the resort on groomers and crud.

    so I set out to try on some northwave boots. found them at techno sport in Calgary and the boot fitter I worked with was great. I am a pretty solid 9 1/2 in most foot last pair of burton ions were 10.5…hence the slop…well in a northwave I am an 8.5!! perhaps a bit of an ego trip but it was hard to accept being in an 8.5….but when compared to the 9 or 9.5 my heel was sooo locked down in the 8.5 that there was no question which was right…minimal amount of toe touch on the front of my liner and with pack out I should be fine. width is adequate and again with pack out these will get even more comfortable.

    the liner is awesome…really well built and comfortable. the lacing system..looks confusing at first…but when you get it figured out it is awesome…it is marketed as a dual zone system but I would go even further and say it is a quad zone system as you are able to tension each side of the boot top and bottom independently or as one zone if you like…meaning i can tighten the left side of the bottom zone differently than the right side of the bottom zone etc. imho this is very cool

    anyways I have been wearing them for a few hours at at time each day…no cramping or pressure points…if I snug them up super tight (tighter than I would ride in) I get some tingling in my toes after about 2 hours….but again this is only to break in the liners. I have been heating up the toe end of the liners each night and sliding in a tennis ball into the liner and into the boot..this seems to have opened a bit of width for me which is fine and snug for now…so I do not think I will do this anymore as I do not want to pack them out too much.

    anyways I just wanted to update my thread and add some info for anyone looking for boots…i would seriously consider northwave boots.

    I now have my split all set up…heading out tomorrow. Just ordered a set of NOW driver bindings and my prior khyber solid board is on its way to me next week!! woohoo

    Pray for snow!!!

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    another update…boots are still comfy but i am a bot concerned about my toes. my big toe and the toe next to it are definitely up against the liner…not smashed, but not just tickling it either. I have been wearing them daily and at night putting in my show trees to try and pack the liner out a bit, but i am concerned about them being too small and getting boot bang and dead toes. However i worry about going the half size up and getting sloppy in the heel again

    any suggestions??

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    Try either swapping out the footbed, or just cutting out the part of the footbed by your big toe.

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    I scored a pair of the Legend SL last May for $140. The boot is super comfy compared to other pairs I have purchased in the past. I like the fact I didn’t have to break these boots in. I started to wear them in November and several months later I noticed the Hypershock sole is starting to peel away from the side of the left boot. I sent Northwave-Drake a message. Let’s see how many months it takes to respond…

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    After passing on Deeluxe and Saloman then having issues with size verification on the Fitwells I considered the Flow Telons and the Northwave Domain SL just wanted to get some feedback on them. I know the Flows are waterproof well most of them are just wondering on the Northwaves any issues in the backcountry when it comes to moisture ? Not planning on jumping into a pond with them just wondering if anyone has any compliants. Second thing any issues with their speed lacing system I’m not too familiar with that kind of system all my boots have BOA. Just making sure they dont come loose or break easy like a few other brands do with simialer lacing like just like Salomon and Deeluxe.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Salomon Malamutes.

    Had about 4 pairs, simply the best boot out there (IMO).

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    Been hearing a lot about that lacing system coming lose at least on the newest models perhaps they changed them up

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    So, I ended up returning the Legends and scored a pair of Domain SL this past summer. Northwave customer service appears non-existent for US based consumers. In regards to mositure, never experienced moisture from external elements (rain/snow), besides from sweating. The speed lace system is not that bad compared to BOA’s. The lace system tends stay at the same tension. I don’t recall a moment when the laces came loose. I haven’t had any issues with the lacing deteriorating. If they do break, I’m not sure how you will receive support since the customer service never respond. Probably you will have to use their Facebook page.

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    Hi, i ride the Domain boots for 2 years now, 13/14 model had problems with the lacing system, i got new Boots from Northwave, because replacing the laces did not work. The new ones are more stiffer so it’s a bit challenging to walk on hard floor. On snow or ice the have super grip.
    I use a G3 strap (same as the voile) to support the lacing system, so there is not so much force on it if you are charging hard. With this boots i always have that feeling that i can bend the shit out of my board!
    I tried some boots but i think for freeriding this is one of the best you can get.

    (Sorry for my shitty english, i’m an Austrian 😉 )

    always waiting for the next dump

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