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    I’m coming out to NY for christmas to visit with my wife’s family. My brother is on the east coast and is planing on picking me up (rescue me from bad music and drunk in-laws). We’re planing to head up to New Hampshire and Vermont to explore for some early season splitting. My bro is just getting his board and gear together for the trip I’m sending mine in the mail 😯 .

    Can any of you recommend some zones for exploration neither of us has boarded in this area (i’ve got about six years experience poking around in Arizona and New Mexico. If any of you easterners wouldn’t mind showing us around that would be great as well. I talked to New Hampshire transplant/ski patroller (gnarly old dude) at the local hill he mentioned all sorts of old retired resorts and i forgot every one :).

    Be up there from the 26th-29th pm me or whatever is done… thanks

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    For closed ski areas, is your guide. Hopefully we’ll get another storm after this one that’s rolling through tomorrow. Still need a bit more of a base before the trees will be good to go.

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    holy crap thats alot of former ski hills, cool..

    now i got some homework…
    most of these hills are tiny

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    Is anybody familiar with the conditions at Ascutney right now? Could be tasty after the clipper today, but it would be nice to have a report before making the drive.

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    Looking at the map makes me realize why this is called New England, Ascutuny? Bromley, Straton, Tenney. Very white sounding (don’t mean to be racists). Interesting country and it looks like you guys are getting some pow coming your way.

    I’ve scoped out several resorts that allow hiking; Bromley, Jay Peak and Magic mountain (what a concept) wish the folks at the local bowl would figure that one out. My bro has some hikes up his sleeve and a New England bc book to read on the drive up. Shoot me a pm if you don’t mind showing a couple of dirt bag bros around.

    Looking forward to seeing some new country.. Peace from dry ass AZ


    Hey guys, I’m looking to get out Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Is anybody in any need of partners? I’m hoping to get in a good day of turns somewhere (recommendations would be helpful)!

    Also, for those of you still looking for closed slopes to ride. Wilderness and Timberline are still closed at Bolton and It has been pretty fantastic. Definitely work a post work/early morning lap. There was another couple of inches up there this morning.


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    I’d be up to get out. What are the options aside from closed resorts with only 24″ of base? Isn’t there some rain coming in?

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    Rode Jay Peak last Sunday, they’ve had lots of snow so far this year……that being said, glades were good but the actual woods we got into were worth getting into if you don’t mind getting hung up in under brush and banging up your board on rocks.

    Been riding Killington on Tuesdays since the week before Halloween and they’ve done a good job of blowing snow and almost every week there’s a closed trail with some natural snow on it worth poaching. Got into some glades we have built into a hill near my house in southern NH Weds after the new snow and it was good but only because we have it cleaned up pretty well and it’s low angle.

    The only time on the splitboard has been early morning hikes at Crotched mountain because it’s a 20 min drive and they don’t care if you hike it, plus I don’t feel like banging that board up just yet.

    The weather this weekend will be a big factor in what’s worth hiking for. Good luck and let’s pray this rain doesn’t hit.

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    Pretty miserable outside with the sleet and ice and all. Here’s to keeping your power in the champlain valley! 😯

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    So how bad is it in the mountains right now? There’s been a solid layer of ice on everything in Burlington for the past few days.

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    Making lemons out of lemonade… Got some soft turns and snowflakes on the closed wilderness slope at Bolton. High angle stuff was a no go but we found some great fluff down low to enjoy while vacationers scraped ice.

    Jan back on the split after two months of nursing an ankle injury. By the way, Vermont chics are tough.

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    Some storms coming in. Looks like Southern VT will get hit harder than North. Anyone want to check out the Thunderbolt Ski Trail?


    Man this weather is getting old and it looks like more rain this weekend. Here’s to praying for snow!

    Fortunately I was able to get out over the weekend before our snowpack got decimated.

    Was up on timberline at Bolton and it was thin, but rideable and still fun.

    Sunday I took the split out for a tour up to the Bolton-Trapp trail (I was scoping out some lines on news years and the snow was decent pretty high up), and believe it or not found some rideable woods (much thanks to the folks who cleared the underbrush, rocks and stumps in the Bolton backcountry). We were up around 3000 feet or so.

    Did anybody else make it out?

    Here’s to hopefully some snow in the near future.

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    I made it out Saturday for my maiden voyage on a splitboard. I had never been on a split or used skins. I had a great time too, really wishing for more snow. I went up in the Sterling Valley area in Stowe, close to home. I’m certainly slow on my transition but I had a great time.

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    Unfortunately my season has come to a hault.

    Back on 12/17/13 I had to say goodbye to my best friend Utah who was almost 14. May she RIP

    After having a really emotional day on the 17th, the next day 12/18/13 I decided to head out into the mountains with my splitboard to clear my head. All was fine until I slipped an edge on a down tree just under the surface of the snow, which sent me into a nearby birch tree. To make a long story short I broke my femur and had a long torturous rescue which took a little over 3 hours to get me off the mtn and into an ambulance then another hour to the hospital. Just thankful I wasn’t alone and we were able to get help to the location where I was injured.

    This is what I did to myself

    Sucks, but could have been worse and it was a pretty clean break.

    When I got to the ER they drilled this through my lower leg for traction.

    Eventually made it into surgery where they inserted a rod from my hip to my knee held in with pins.

    Bottom section just above my knee.

    And the top

    I left the hospital couple days after and its now been 3 weeks. So far recovery is going well, gets a little easier everyday. No cast thankfully, but will be on crutches for couple months at least. Once the bone shows some healing I can get the ok for PT and see where it goes from there.

    Had to install a beer holder for my crutches.

    Anyway sucks to say goodbye to this season so soon, not that I am missing much at the moment. I do however hope things start looking up so at least all you can get some good turns in soon. Unfortunately this weekend isn’t looking super great. I had big plans for the Eastern Sierra this year too that I am bummed about, but they are hurting more than the East Coast right now for snow, so those plans will have to wait until next season.

    While I heal i’ll be praying for snow for you guys……

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    So very sorry for the loss of your friend. I have been through it myself so I understand how you feel. Glad to hear that your recovery is progressing well. I wish you all the best. Your right about not missing much. I shit canned a trip to VT this week because of reports from friends that were up there. Most was supposed to be resort riding but it would have been my first outing of the year. Good luck with rehab. Btw it does look like you have room for another cup holder on the other crutch.

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    Good grief H A. Was wondering if you had headed west. Tough hand you’ve been dealt but you can’t keep a vermont splitter down and out. :thatrocks: Be well. Your gnarly pics will be missed ….for now. Heel well and get a paten going on those crutches.

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    highanxiety – sorry to hear about Utah and your injuries. Heal up quick. I had a similar rod in the lower half of my leg many years ago. The best rehab I found was swimming. I was able to get in the pool as soon as the incisions healed. Couldn’t kick, but squeeze a leg float and swim with your arms. I was told I might never snowboard again and would have a limp for the rest of my life. Thankfully, not how it played out. But, I give all the credit to the surgeon and to the swimming. Being in the pool will allow you to stay fit, keep your head clear, and the water takes all the pressure off your injuries. You should be able to start swimming well before you can start an actual rehab program. Definitely ask the dr first though. Good luck!

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    Hey there Rightsider. I was starting to think you grew a beard and ventured out into the Chic Chocs for good.
    So here we go: Winter part II. Yea, it’s been pretty brutal trying to figure out what to do with the low tide and the glacier here in Vermont. But lets get these last four weeks behind us, there’s still a lot of time to ride. In the long range weather outlook, it appears that the trough dipping into the warm gulf air should be less distinct than prior weeks. The stake is currently reporting 22 inches. Maybe we can nickel and dime a foot this week:

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    Ha, I wish! Work and family life have taken priority over the terrible conditions. Didn’t get any of the early season snow due to a crazy work schedule. Definitely looks like the weather pattern is changing. Nickel and diming the snow stake is the best scenario we can have. Keep it coming! Jonesing to put some time in the woods.

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