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    Since the flurries are collecting on all the Northern slopes as we speak, now seems like the perfect time to kick off another winter season in Vermont. Here’s to exploring and fresh tracks.

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    Nice to see some white in the mountains today. Getting stoked for the season, hopefully it delivers.

    Here is some riding footage from last Feb in Northern VT.


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    Took a stroll up Smuggs yesterday to check things out. It was thin, probably 8″ of dense snow up higher. Good to get out in some snow and start working my touring muscles at least, although I did get some fun survival turns in as well. It wasn’t bad as long as there was grass underneath and not rocks lol.

    A pic of a skier friend that came with.

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    I just got my first turns of the year in on my rock board!

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    I was in Saranac Lake today, High Peaks looked incredible. Looks like things warm up for the weekend before cooling down again next week.

    Stowe 10/25/13.


    Hey guys! Just got my first splitboard (but have been backcountry riding for years now) and am looking for some people to ride with this winter. Let me know if you are interested!

    Also this was taken on the top of Jay Peak on 10/30. Getting ready for some turns!

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    I might head up to Jay next Wednesday, depending on what these incoming clippers do. Are you near Jay xc?

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    Just saw this on the FIS facebook page.

    “Upslope snow showers today thru tuesday morning. Best and deepest snow will be Jay Peak Resort where it is possible upwards of 8-12 inches could fall by tuesday morning.”


    802 I’m based out of Burlington. I may be able to do a sunrise summit before work on Wednesday or Tuesday. Andy interest high anxiety.

    Also, I have a two for one voucher for killington and am looking for someone to join tomorrow (Sunday), let me know if your interested.

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    Pretty enticing XC. I’m in for tomorrow. Shoot me a text or call if you want to split gas/ticket. 802-881-9635.


    Hey Gang,

    Woke up today to three to four inches of nice fluffy powder on mid mountain Bolton, thinking of trying to get in something tonight or tomorrow AM. Did anybody get up to the summits today?

    Also, the mountaineer is Keene Valley (Adirondacks) is doing an intro to Avalanche safety and rescue on January 18th and 19th. I just signed up, let me know if your going to join in and maybe we can work out a car pool.

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    Hearing reports of 12″ + up high at Stowe. Might try and get out sometime tomorrow, have to see about getting out of work early. Think there is some more upslope snow coming tonight.

    Good on you for getting some avy training. I think there are some places in NH & VT that offer AIARE 1 also, but probably more expensive then that class.

    Bring back some stoke if you get up on the hill!


    Yeah I looked into them, but I just don’t have the money to drop on a full course right now, but I don’t want to fly blind either. I figured this would give me enough knowledge to get started here on the east coast, then I’ll save up for a more intensive course when I start to look into trips out west.

    I made it out on Bolton in the dark just to give the new split a try and I am hooked! Really can’t wait to get out to some good back country with it this winter. (no pics as I was by myself). As far as snow was concerned, I made it up to about 2500 feet (just above timberline mid station). There was probably about 5-6 inches of dense snow.

    Also, from a friend. This was Stowe today I would say that those reports of 12 inches plus are true.

    Unfortunately, I will be at work during daylight hours tomorrow but I hope one of you goes out and gets some!

    Looking forward to hearing about it!

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    I’m probably going to skin up madonna or maybe stowe this afternoon if anyone cares to join…

    Maybe skin, maybe hike with the rock board… i’ll have em both in the car.

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    What did you get for split XC?

    Id suggest anyone looking for Pow tomorrow to head up to Jay. Ended up getting talked into it by some skier friends today and glad I went, because is was nice and deep. Did 3 laps, hard to stop, but I was spent.

    Well earned


    Ooo Jay looks fantastic. Here’s to hoping the snow holds till the weekend.

    As far as the split, nothing fancy (I’ve been snowshoeing with my board for years now, and wanting to get a split since college, just the price was holding me back). I wound up finding a 168 Burton S-series, with hardware skins and Burton Custom bindings all for $450. Figured I was never going to get into the sport with a more affordable set up so I pulled the trigger. My hope is to upgrade to the spark Magnetos at some point this year.

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    @highanxiety wrote:

    Ended up getting talked into it by some skier friends today

    Yeah, it looks like you had a terrible time. :band:

    (photo by Dalton ThinCover Harben)

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    Here’s tp a deep season!


    Jay, Yesterday. :rock:

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    Awesome pictures and videos coming from Northern Vermont!

    And for good reason. What can I say? This week has been one for the books. NWS in Burlington reported as high as 21 inches at the stake on Mount Mansfield this week, but it was much deeper than that in many places. The lack of snow pack made for tricky conditions, but with the itch to make turns, it seemed like a no brainer. I don’t even remember when the snow started falling, maybe it was Friday, or Saturday- I lost track by Monday- and it was still coming down on Wednesday. I took the opportunity to meet up with a fellow member on the board, Alex, and knock off the rust for some lift served at Killington, that was Sunday. Throughout the day we were rewarded with several snow squalls to keep things fresh and wintery. And then, the skies broke open. Monday morning, Vermonters were rewarded with reports of a big dump at elevation. I rushed to get as much work done that morning because I knew the rest of the week would be a wash.

    Tuesday morning, after some rest, I got a late start up to Smuggs. At the Madonna baselodge, snow was falling and there was no sign of it stopping and it didn’t. The snow was light, but not too light. With the lack of a base, we needed some substance to ride on and we got just the right snow. The face shots were countless but the rock danger was minimalized.

    The skinner on Doc’s

    The next day I headed over to the other side to see how the conditions were at Stowe. I got there in the afternoon, after the sun had been shinning all morning. The conditions were even better after the snow consolidated some, but there was still a ridiculous amount of powder.

    Mt. Mansfield from Stowe parking lot.

    While all this was happening up at about 1500′, the valley saw a light dusting but it was mostly gone by Thursday. Normally when we get a warm up, it’s sad to see the snow go. But with all the excitment that we’ve had this week, the warmth today felt ok, especially since its still only November. So what else do you do when it’s 50 degrees, dry, and sunny? You grab the bike and go ride some single track in jeans and a t-shirt!

    It sure feels good to be a Vermonter right now. 2 foot dumps, no lifts, and sunny day bike rides are ok with me. And by the way, there’s talk about more snow next week! :thatrocks:

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    Nice work guys, glad to see everyone was on it. :headbang: Jay looked super good on Wed, but a bit more traffic.

    Where were you riding bikes 802, Saxon?

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