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    Bridgerhippy, Whit, and myself decided last minute to head into the bridgers for the weekend for some winter camping and riding. Everywhere around these parts lately has been prety high avy conditions except the bridgers. Or so we thought, we ended up finding significant wind loading on various aspects and got poor pit results. Needless to say we didn’t get to ski the lines we had in mind. We did however manage some fun turns in a great area and camping was a blast. Here’s a bunch a photos from the weekend and some enticing lines.

    BH and Whit at trailhead.

    A nice old cabin

    A couple of shots of a boardwalk through some wetlands

    Group shot

    Me and ghost skinning up the logging road


    Coming up to a windy pass

    before this view

    These were our initial goal, but conditions were a little windloaded

    Setting up camp for the night

    My humble abode

    happy dog defending the fort, and I have to say that the origami plates etc are the best thing ever.

    Chillin at camp

    melting snow

    mmmmm dinner, Who can guess the ingredients?

    and pancakes for breakfast

    dryin out in the morning

    one more camp shot, like I said we did more camping than riding this trip

    finally some shots from saturday
    he original goal is above me

    This one looks good too

    Whit with the pole point

    LLS with nice background

    BH the photog, I swear one of these time I’ll actually get a pic of him riding

    some tracks

    trying to get a little air

    a little B/W action

    We got snowed on quite a bit the last night but I think the smile says it all

    and the on the way out I displayed my mad gorilla steeze. BH was hoping to get a good falling sequence but I dissapointed him. I didn’t eat shit till further down the trail. Twice.

    It was a killer weekend even if we had to stay to mellower slopes. We will definitely be heading back soon for a some day trips now that we know how the access is. Sorry for the amount of pics I went a little crazy uploading and I’m bored.

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    Nice TR! I really like the use of the B&W for cloudy days. Which basin exactly did you get to – the one south of Frazier proper, the one near hardscrabble or the one just north of Sac?

    Glad you guys made it out there – its a place with so many options.

    Did you dig any pits in the couloirs themselves or just on the slopes below them? Just wondering, because it is often much more protected where the rocks block the wind than down lower in the open.

    Where are you headed this weekend? Just got back from Jackson where the snow was $$$ and looking for somewhere to avoid the avy danger…

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    Nomad- We didn’t dig a pit in the couloir because we didn’t feel the slope above us was quite safe enough to cross to get to the upper couloirs. We could also see large cornices on the ridge above us and above the one we wanted to ride. The questionable layer along with the slew of activity lately made us a little cautious. Not to mention we really wanted to ride that line so we tried not to let that affect our decision.

    We were right below Frazier basin(east) camped near I believe Ainsley Lake. I will have to check the map to be sure but I think that is right.

    I am wanting to get out saturday but don’t have a plan or a partner yet so let me know if you’re gonna head out. Sunday I will be celebrating the bears beating carolina. Da Bears!

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    Really great stuff guys, cool pics!!! 8)

    Felt like I was right there.

    BH gets a star next to his name for taking a cotton shirt on the trip too! :mrgreen:


    My favorite pic is the ‘Squaw With Wood’ one.

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    LLS – good call on playing it safe. Some spots in Frazier you can get to the top of the lines w/o getting on avy slopes, but the runouts and cornices must also be taken into account.

    Not sure if I’ll get out on saturday – if I do it will probably be something mellow.

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    amazing place, and great attitude!


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    LLS, Thanks for sharing the stoke!

    How well was that canister stove working for you in those conditions?


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    Annnnd that looks like mac-n-cheese and ham.


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    Chris- The stove was great just bring lots of gas. You got one part right mac-n-cheese and ??????

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    damn.. hot dogs? fakin bakin? that’s tough…

    How much gas did you find yourself using per day, melting snow?

    I’ve got the same stove, but I’ve found myself deferring to friends with MSR stoves for chores like that.. I’m going to have to haul some canisters up there soon to find out for myself.

    Ever try the copper tube canister warmer mod?


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