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    After some tasty pancakes and maple syrup, we drove over the pass to the coal creek parking lot. (a popular exit from many glory excursions) The objective for the day was to ride Taylor Mountain, the crew Chris, Johny, Ian, Wyatt, and Myself assembled for some turns. We got a gear together and headed out of the parking lot.

    Chris, Ian and Wyatt Gearing up In the Coal Creek Lot.

    A view of the summit from the parking lot.

    The easiest way to summit Taylor is via the bootpack, one had been previously set and since been blown in, its just over 3000′ and Chris set about 85% of it for the day.

    Chris setting the booter at the beginning.

    Ian and Myself, booting up.

    The ascent is broken into the thirds, most of the vert is gained in the first and third, Thirds. The middle third is pretty flat and provides a good place to rest and get a view of the peak. A pair of skiers passed us while we were discussing safety, we decided to continue our discussion and let the pair set some of the booter. We caught up to them and Chris took over setting the bootpack to the summit.

    The middle third with Taylor in the Background.

    Johny and Ian on their way up.

    The crew nearing the summit.

    After reaching the summit and evaluating snow and stability concerns we decided upon the Northeast Face, a line that is admired every clear day from the summit of Glory.

    The Line.

    Chris dropped in first got out of the way of the slid path and shot some pictures of us. Johny and Chris took the chute through lookers right while Ian and I shot one on lookers left.

    Johny finishing his line with a smile

    Ian about to point it through the chute.

    I also pointed it though the chute and cartwheeled once and rode away.

    The sequence into the cartwheel

    Judging from this shot I would say the snow was waist deep.

    We made some more turns on mellower terrain below and had to dodge a few rocks towards the bottom but other than that the coverage was great. The turns were fun and it was a great day to be out there. Maybe Ctowls will post a few more pics for all of us to enjoy. Until next time enjoy the stoke.


    …. in the sequence photos making way to the bottom following the path. Or did the dog make its own line? Sweet form bro. Looks like a good time. 😀


    Aaah yeah boys! Way to get after it. Taylor is a good slog to the summit – especially from Coal Creek.

    Thanks for the great pics! It looks like a perfect JH blue bird day. What was the temp?

    ~ Edubious


    Sweeeeeet! Way to snagify the perfect conditions. Were the any facets down there at the bottom? Did you know you could also check that out by digging a pit? It is always good to have Chris bootpacking with/for you.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    Looks good! I’m pretty sure Wyosplitride took us to the same line last year, good stuff! 8)


    Aaaah Jackson. Nice trip, especially with that machine named Towels leading the way! Sure do miss that place. And Taylor, nice line.
    Thanx for the report and pix. and Peace from AK


    Nice. That is a great ride.

    That is one of the knarliest skin I’ve ever done. We ended up boot packing the last leg. Next time, bring the split crampons.


    Nice work guys. I saw you all at the bottom at the end of the day. That is the east face of Taylor. It’s called Laurel’s Slide. For a friend who was killed there a couple of years ago. The north face dumps out in to Mesquite Creek.


    Textbook lawndart.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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