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    With the season approaching it was time to get my stuff together pack it up and drive to Jackson for the season and more. The rip started September 17th, and I arrived in Jackson on the 22nd. The Subaru was loaded up and my friend Dave and I began driving around 9:00 AM. We made it to niagra falls, about 4:00 and decided to check it out.

    After a short stretch of the legs we had to charge on to Ann Arbor, Michigan. My friend Gina lives there and she was going to be putting us up for the night. We got into town pretty late about midnight, however Redman was playing in town and we decided to check it. We got there late enough that we did not have to pay the cover and some about 20 minutes of the show. Went back to Gina’s ad crashed out.

    the next morning Dave and I woke and got on the road, we had decided to take a ferry across lake Michigan rather than drive around Chicago. Lake Michigan is had a beautiful beach were we spent the day waiting for the ferry.

    On our way to the ferry dock we past through an old muskegon nighborhood and found this victorian house.

    Check out the details in this door.

    I like the woven wood panel.

    A sick window

    After crossing lake Michigan we drove out of Milwaukee towards Minneapolis, Daves Brother lives there and we stayed with him for two ights. We took it pretty mellow while in Minneapolis, checked out the mall of america and a few good brew pubs. Moving on we began crossing the mid west. In the midwest we found two things.

    The First being wind farms, clean renewable energy.

    The second thing was fields.

    After Charging across the rest do Minnesota and South Dakota, we made it to the bad Lands for sunset.

    The next morning we woke up, spent another couple of hours in the Bad Lands and then headed to the black hills. We headed down past Mount Rushmore and took a sweet scenic road 16A I believe. We headed down to wind wave for a tour in the national park.

    After the wind cave we drove to Casper WY and crashed out. The next day was an easy drive to Jackson and we pulled into town about 4:00

    A view of the tetons.

    Looking forward to riding some classic teton Lines


    Howdy, Welcome to the Hole! It’s snowing! 8)


    Good stuff man! Thanks for the TR. 8)


    Welcome indeed. Give a shout if you want to head out. I’ll likely be skinning the King on a regular basis and getting out as much as work will allow.


    Epic road trip! Too bad you skipped Chicago: greatest city in the world!

    Badlands are sick, huh? Enjoy Jackson!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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