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    Has anyone skinned up and rode down the northface on the north twin sister?

    I am planning on going this weekend, but was curious as to if anyone else out there has done it before…?




    Yeah, I would like to know if anyone has done recently, would like to know road conditions and what not. This one has been on my list for a long time now.

    Jon Dahl

    Access road to the Sisters is a locked gate. Whole lotta hiking to get in there. I haven’t found any alternate into the area yet. Hope someone has…. 😡


    There was a TR on not too long ago from a couple of guys who did it. Search there


    So, i left from the middle fork river, at 6am. and skinned up an icy road for a long long time. Until I got above the tree line. My two friends camped on the road about a half hour/hour before you turn left, after you can see daily prairie. I saw them starting to do their switch backs on the lower part of the north face, when I was still on the road, above daily prairie. (about where you ditch your bike, when climbing the west ridge in the summer) I caught them about an hour or an hour and a half before we reached the summit. The snow was wind blown, but soft, so about 4-6 inches before your foot hit hard enough snow to walk on. They lead the way, and had crampons, as we only skinned half way up the north face. then hiked. I had poles, they had ice axes. I didn’t have crampons, they were a good idea on their part. We reached the summit around noon. So 6 hours of skinning/hiking for me, and about 5 hours for them. We dropped in to the Northface, directly below the summit. Amazing!!!! such wide fast turns. so much fun. Got down the powder field and into the trees… stayed off the road for as long as possible, where we made some pretty tight turns through some young evergreens. back to the road for a slush/ice fest, skating with poles… Made it home by 4 or so to bellingham. passed out at 6pm, and woke up at 10am… A bit tired. Not to say my dog wasn’t more tired. As he made the summit as well!!! Very proud of him.

    The gate was open at the river and you could take a snow mobile to the turn above daily prairie. And you could continue, if you brought a hatchet, and cleared small trees for 1/4 mile…Then you could drive to the big trees below the north face, and if you made it through those trees and knew what you were doing, you could probably rally up half way up the north face. THE OTHER ROUTE, is from Blue Mountain road, farther west on Mosquito lake road. Gate IS locked, and I am not quite sure how much downhill you would have on the way down, compared to parking at the middle fork river off road 37 (i think)



    when did you do it? You’ve got me thinking of doing this on Tuesday now.


    Edit: Fixed it. Looks sick.


    didn’t realize the original subject heading changed with the “I did it” added.


    yeah, I’d say go for it man. Unless it snows… It was pretty stable. But if it snows, obviously that would change things a great deal. Sure was a blast coming down!


    Need to keep an eye on the weather, looks like the forecast for Tuesday has changed so we’ll see. So how far out Road 38 were you able to drive?


    Sweet TR B-Shreddah getting a long skin/climb in and nice lines. I don’t know crap about the area, but sounds like a blast. Might even make a great overnight trip with an approach, overnight and assault. Now you and jcocci are getting into chatter about this one I’m checking out my maps now.

    The lines down look fantastic too, thanks for sharing. Makes more more motivated to just go out deep into the Olys where I normally hike for days and days. I could get to some stuff that would be undisturbed, but have been whining to myself in my head about the day or two approach/overnight for a solid day of riding. I guess I’m just a wuss. By the end of the season or by next season I will be fit enough and driven enough to just get out there and send you all the “secret spots” TR’s and videos.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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