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    With the great weather we had in the northwest Kyle Miller and I decided it was a good time to hit the North Twin Sister.

    From where we parked the road was mostly snow covered with the exception of a few small patches and this big one.

    Old logging roads are now a summer trail.

    Getting closer.

    Close but still so far.

    Heading up the NE face.

    First view of Mt Baker.

    Starting to get steep.

    Time to start booting.

    The South Twin Sister. She’s a beauty.

    Kyle making it to the summit.

    Scoping the line.

    Looks good.

    Kyle dropping in.

    Not a bad view of Mt Baker.

    Getting some pow.

    Looking back up at my line. Damn that was fun!

    Kyle enjoying it.

    Good enough to go back up for more.

    Kyle coming down the apron. The San Juan Islands in the far background.

    Still pow at he bottom.

    Looking back. Damn that was good.

    We had some interesting navigating on the way out.

    Made it out.

    One last look on the way out before the skin back to the car.

    Man what a great day!


    Dang dude. All time. I ain’t mad at El Nino, this weather has been great!


    nice work. It looks like I might need to spend some more time down across the boarder in that area…lots of TRs for lots of big lines. thanks




    Looks like a sweet day! :headbang:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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