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    Here is a link to my full tr of Eolus and North Eolus. These are two of the most remote peaks in Colorado.;

    Or just enjoy a few pics from the trip below.

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    A pic like that stokes the interest! How many of the 14ers have you got left now Zach?

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    Glad you liked the shot! I have only snowboarded 24 different 14ers (with over 50 14er descents including repeats). I have not been in a huge hurry, I get sidetracked by many other peaks besides 14ers or different lines on previously riden 14ers too. As I am about to finish climbing the 14ers (only have 7 left to climb :bananas: ) and am almost halfway through snowboarding all of them I might be focusing down a bit more over the next couple years though. We will see. I am going to the Pacific Northwest for some more snowboard mountaineering adventures for two weeks, leaving next Saturday, so my Colorado season is winding down a little early this year.

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    I spent some time up in Washington earlier this year with Ale Capone, HikeForTurns and Killclimbz. The cascade mountains are amazing. Have fun up there!

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    Love the train approach. 🙂

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    Doug likely did rip all of those peaks. He is the fastest climber I have ever seen. Just ask SummersGone and SkateBananas…Thanks for the TR. Nice to see folks still getting after it. BTW, Silverton got 11″ last night.

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    jcmarechal – Sounds like he did then! I just had not heard of him before and skiing all those peaks in a day is quite an accomplishment. :headbang: Good for him. That is awesome. Hehe, I though I was doing well on getting two of them in a day…

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    The hike in took most of the rest of the day. I stopped and talked to one guy on his way out that said he had skied Sunlight, Windom, and both Eolus’s that day. He said his name was Doug. I think the jury is still out on that one but it is quite possible he did what he claimed. There are a lot of badsasses out there and the weather was great that day.

    I 100% believe it. He is a machine, and a legend to me. Cranked us in every damn tour this year, and easily crushes over 8K breaking trail the whole time. This makes me laugh, Doug is still killing it solo on 14ers, doesn’t suprise me. 😆

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