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    Looking to find other riders in Northern CA this season for trips to the Trinity Alps, Shasta, Lassen, etc.

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    Shasta and l ass en got skunked on this storm. 😥

    Soon enough.

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    I’m in the Bay Area but I am absolutely dying to ride in Lassen and Shasta is a goal for me hopefully this spring… we’ll see.

    I’ve camped at Ridge Lacks in the winter and climbed most of Mt. Diller with a group in just snoshoes! Ignore my ugly mug and 1990s sunglasses…

    No board though, this was before I got into splitboarding but I was tempted to carry in my board. I regretted not bringing it!

    However someone did dig a sweet toboggan run!

    Hike for your turns…

    DEFINITELY want to get back. Access is easy too!

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    I’m going to head to the Trinity Alps this Saturday (2/13) if anyone else feels like coming with.

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    Hey man –

    Good to hear that there is a splitter in Arcata!

    I live in Crested Butte now but got accepted to graduate school at HSU so I might be moving out there late summer. I have been worried about not getting out on the snow enough.

    Soo… are there splitters up there in Arcata? I know its about 3.5 hours to Shasta or Ashland. Anything closer?

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    No splitters that I know of. There are some places to go near the coast depending on the weather. There are also the Trinity alps a couple of hours away. I’m hoping take some extended trips out there next year, but I need someone to go with. Give a pm when you get into town and we can grab a beer.

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