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    A trip documentary style edit of a solo overnight splitboarding adventure to the Snow Mountain Wilderness in the Mendocino National Forest. A pretty seldom visited place in winter and very rarely skied zone of the state, but some things about it keep bringing me back. Not very technical riding and or terrain in the edit, but still really fun and definitely enjoyed having the whole wilderness to myself for a couple days. Didn’t actually see another person from the time my car left pavement the first day until after I returned to pavement the next day. That included about 40 miles total driven on twisty forest roads and 16 miles hiked/splitboarded with 7k of vert up and down.

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    Rad Dustin! Always love your Mendo trips, regardless of the season. @Deebo

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    Yeah Deebo!!! Loving the Coast Range tours. I’m hoping to get a day or two on Hull this year.

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    Thanks guys! You should definitely try to get up there powderjunkie. Supposed to be getting about a foot of fresh up there today. I’m probably going to hit Hull on Thursday and maybe do an overnight at Snow Mountain again this weekend.

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