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    I mostly ski but ride when I can. Until I can get an appropriate split set up, I want to make do with the non-splitboard and randonee boots I already have. I need to choose a binding.

    I want to put a basic plate binding on my board. My vision is to use this setup on the volcanoes (I live in Seattle) and during other summertime glacier sessions where the snow is so consolidated booting is the most efficient form of travel anyway. So what is the most lightweight, affordable but still reliable plate binding? Voile?

    I am fired up on the idea of cramponing up Mt. Adams with my TLT5’s on my feet and this weightless setup on my pack.

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    The Voile Mountain Plate is for a voile slider plates only and will not fit on a normal snowboard. I have used the Voile Mountain Plate, and it is a good splitboard binding.

    I have used both Burton Race Plates and SnowPro bindings for on carving snowboards. and I have I have modified the Snowpro bindings to Voile Plates, works well, as the binding can be canted. Others like Barrows has modified the Burton Race plates. This is a really light-weight set-up, according to Barrows.

    Both theses bindings have pulses and minus, the minuses: SnowPros can loosen up and move around on a normal snowboard. My wife broke the plastic part of the toe-bail on the Burton race plates, because the plastic is old.
    Burton discontinued production of Race Plates sometime ago.

    The pulses:
    The Burton plates are lighter, the snowpros offer a better range of adjustment and canting.

    Bottom line —-

    Search for Barrows’ posts on the Burton race plate bindings.

    Also Checkout BomberOnline for HB Bindings. I now ride their Sidewinder splitboard binding.

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