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    This is a slideshow from this winter. I don’t ride with other snowboarders (not cause I don’t want too), and since I’m the one with the camera, there aren’t many snowboarding shots. There is some nice scenery, and some pow turns too. It’s a pretty big file (67 mb or so), be warned. Go to and RIGHT CLICK on download ‘slideshowsnow.wmv’ Select ‘save link as’ and youre good to go. If you just click on the link, it might now work, and you’ll waste about 15 minutes of your time. All of the riding, and almost all of the scenery, is from the Northern Utah BC this season. Nothing sick, but I think it’s pretty. Check it out and lemme know what you think. I’m jealous of those of you who have video cameras.

    kyle christenson
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    You took some really good pictures. I really like the ones of the zipper at the end. Good composition on the slide show, that must have taken a while.

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    very cool powpowhunter! 8)

    some great pics (and I’m sure) memories in there. Thanks for sharing!

    Rico in AZ
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    Wow, really nice, despite the f**kin’ giant download time. I’ve always loved slide shows ‘cuz it gives you just a second or two to think about the image.

    You may have raised the bar a bit for trip reports in the future. Unless BCR ever gets some viddy posted!

    karma surf
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    Nice artistic shots! I would dig getting up there and touring with your crew! And of course you’re all welcome down here anytime as well!

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