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    anyone have any beta? I’m looking on and and these are very reasonably priced. thinking about making the plunge as I don’t think my DIY has much left in it, but I’m also on a budget. Curious if I’m able to swap out the proprietary hooks for the Prowder Cowboy Clips that I love.

    Nitro Nomad >

    Nitro Thunder >


    I don’t think you can with nitro. If I remember correctly they have a different insert that doesn’t go all the way through the base… Like a normal insert. But I’m not positive


    …so I ended up biting the bullet, just couldn’t beat that price.

    The board seems really nice. Solid, med-stiff flex, nice directional-twin shape. Can’t wait to try it on the hill and report back.

    is right though, they have an insert for the clips, looks like it might be a threaded metal plate. Anyway, the bolts are standard size and mount from the top, so you can theoretically use different hardware.

    I was able to mount the Prowder Cowboy Clips and Saddles no problem on it. I had to make a little mod to the cowboy clip “nut plate” (basically run a drill through to de-thread the holes) so that it would function as a washer since the bolts molt from the top into inserts. Comes together nice and snug.

    One thing that might be an issue is the tip/tail clips/snaps. They’re lower profile than standard voile and just far enough in from the edge that you can’t really lock them down with the palm of your hand. I’m considering changing these out for Prowder’s tip/tail clips, but I’ll wait since I don’t want to have to drill an extra hole just yet.

    It’s overkill I know, but I was playing with my new Contour Camera and went touring in the park nearby to alleviate some of the apprehension of getting out on this board.

    Video of the board and some touring

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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