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    read few comments here and there about the quality of ride with a split vs solid board.
    Are there any difference? can you use split on a groomed piste?

    I am considering to invest in a splitboard, but i wonder if it will really substitute my current solid board (i.e. using it everytime I go on piste as well), or it will be used only when I know for sure I’ll go up with skins and then down in powder.
    apologies in advance if question too silly

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    My partners and I do a weekly night skin up the local resort. Sometimes there’s fresh snow, but more often we rip fresh groomers just after they’ve been finished. Modern splits can absolutely rail carves just about as well as a good solid board. I’ve ridden the lifts with my split a few times after breaking my solid board on a trip, and it was totally passable. The two downsides are 1) it’s heavier, and 2) everyone in the lift line wants to ask you about it.

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    I have a Never Summer Chairman 160 with Union bindings, weighs at 10.1lbs
    My Prior Slasher XTC with Phantom bindings weighs in at 9.9lbs
    Although most split setups I’d say are heavier and a solid board would perform better at the resort. The chairman is a better all around board and rides all conditions with a damper ride. While splitboards will do just fine, typically they are a bit heavier yes. You can lose weight by taking off the tour mode if you wanted.

    Along with weight, the next issue I see with using a split board at the resort is the amount of abuse it could take. While they are the same durability, splitboards are significantly more expensive and putting a bunch of core shots would be a big bummer on your investment.

    Another option is to get the One binding system. That way you can buy sparks or any soft boot binding, and put your splitboard bindings on your solid board.

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    I swear I feel the middle edge when riding on groomers. Fortunately, I don’t ride my split on groomers very often.

    K2 Joydriver split 159
    Spark R&D Surge
    K2 Backside skins
    Salomon Malamutes

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    I have had only splits since 2012 and I am riding solids only occasionally. Honestly, I don’t feel much, if any, difference.
    I am using Phantoms and they hold the board much stiffer than puck based bindings, which might be a factor too.

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    This is a really good post with a good question…

    In my experience, splitboards “used to be” a major detriment to shredding performance. However, in recent years we’ve really dialed things in.

    In full disclosure, I was the first full time employee at Karakoram, and I still go to work there every day with a singular goal: Make splitboarding and snowboarding better.

    So, I’m inherently biased. That being said, I’m biased for a reason, as I have been doing this a long time. With the right interface and bindings, it honestly blows my mind how much we “don’t think about the fact that our boards are split when we’re dropping in”. By far, the heaviest lines of my life have been on my splitboard. And, I have to say, that my carbon Jones or carbon Prior with the PrimeX’s is a more powerful freeriding tool than any solid board with plastic bindings I ever rode.

    When you’re talking about resort shredding on hardpack, you’re really referring to edge control, and board control. I find that I gain stronger edge control with the Prime Interface than I do with a standard binding, primarily because we actively clamp the bindings onto the board’s surface. Also, the interface pack is wider and closer to the edges. In other words, its a more powerful system that is vastly more efficient at transferring energy to your edges, and ultimately to the entire running length of the snowboard.

    From a board flex standpoint, its also amazing to me how far things have come. Modern splitboard and binding technology really has allowed us to snowboard the big mountains with absolute confidence in our equipment. There simply is not a thought given to anything other than pure snowboarding when you’re dropping into something big and technical.

    So all this being said, the only reason I personally don’t ride my splitboard in the resort is 1) Its too expensive for me to justify banging it up and scratching it in lift lines, and 2) There is in fact a weight difference, simply because you’re carrying an inner edge, and a full tour mode system.

    The last thing I’ll add here, is that the engineering challenge of pulling two thin surfaces together, and asking them to flex and perform in unison so that you can snowboard with full open throttle confidence, well, its a huge undertaking! We’ve been working on this for over a decade now, and I have to say that we’ve learned a tremendous amount. When we started to realize how amazing the Karakoram bindings were performing on splitboards, we decided to apply the same engineering philosophies to solid boards. Now, with the Quiver Connectors, we can apply the same Active Joining Technology concepts to solid boards, and the result has been a binding system that offers unparalleled riding performance (seriously, try the Connects!) more versatility because of the ability to “rapid fire” between any snowboard (solid or split), and the increased value you get out of only having to buy a single set of bindings for everything.

    Is there a disadvantage to splitboards vs. solid snowboards? Nope! Its just a matter of how you look at it, and then also benefiting from the hard work of so many people over the past decade to make this sport better.

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