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    Forgive the newbie question, but I did a quick search, and didn’t see this particular topic.

    I split my Arbor a few weeks ago using Voile’s SD kit. Everything went well, and over 2 BC trips, it’s been a bomber set-up. I did have some leftover parts which the instructions made no mention of: the Slider Plate Gaskets, and the plastic Climbing Heel Pads (the ones that are nearly perfectly rectangular).

    What are they for? My slider plates slide onto the pucks with absolutely no play whatsoever, so I’m not sure if the gaskets are for later, whenever any play might develop. The climbing heel pads I attached to the board with the climbing wires, per instructions. Are the plastic pieces supposed to “sandwich” the climbing wires, because that’s not what the instructions state.

    BTW, I didn’t like the looks of the T-nuts on the base side, so I buried them by using a 3/4″ forstner bit to deepen the holes for the touring brackets/heel pads. I then roughened up the t-nuts, and covered them with epoxy. Once that set, I glued in some p-tex repair ribbon with more epoxy, melted the edges around the holes, and then flattened the base with a flattening tool. It’s not bad looking; certainly better than the metal t-nuts. I was actually more motivated by a concern about taking my new split to a shop for any future stone grinds, and being refused because of the potential for exposed metal messing up the belt. (Have any of you guys had this happen?)

    I’ll try to post pix, if you guys want.



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    Ooops…I’m an idiot. I just answered one of my questions…by looking at the instructions again. That climbing block “shim” DOES form the bottom half of a sandwich, with the tab of the shim pointing forwards.

    I swear I read the directions a half-dozen times, and I didn’t see that!


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    How about some pics of the Arbor split. I’ve been thinking about splitting one of my older A-Frames, it would make a nice splitboard. Any problems with the carbon stringer? Or was it an Element? Nice to see the variety of splits being made.

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    Hi David,

    The slider gaskets go on top of the slider track between the binding baseplate and the slider tack. The gasket is designed to add a little cushioning and shock absorption. If you have a plastic binding you may not need it but if you are using an aluminum binding it would be recommended.

    The climbing bar shim is more important because without it you won’t be able to use the splitboard crampon correctly.

    We’d love to see some pics of the Arbor too. 🙂

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    has anybody had any screw length issues w/ the heal riser bar. I could only grab enough thread by not using the heal shim…This is alarming due to the fact that the crampon will not work and the riser wires are butting up against topsheet instead of durable polymer… board split is a Lib-Tech Joey Mcguire…not ideal due to the “rib-tech Air Core” but a little epox took care of the channel quite nice. Otherwise really happy w/ the voile sd kit

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    Okay…I just took a couple pix, and this is the first time I’ve posted images, so forgive me if I mess this up.

    Here it is. I split the board using a table saw, and probably measured and marked the board 20x! It’s such a beautiful board; when I started up the saw, my palms were pretty sweaty. The split was perfect.

    You can see how I’ve deepened the holes for the t-nuts, and filled them with epoxy. I then ground down the epoxy below the level of the p-tex base using my ever-handy Dremel.

    I then filled the holes with p-tex tape and a 500-degree iron, which I got from

    It’s definitely a work-in-progress, since the holes will need a layering of p-tex.

    That’s it!


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    that arbor split is fucking sick-i’ve thought about doing that to my a frame but i just don’t know. it rides so great in all conditions that i’d hate to change it’s character. anyway, congrats-it looks awesome…….if i were a rich man…….

    dj barney
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    Sounds like maybe you got shipped the wrong screw length on the climbing bars. Should be a 5/8″ length, you might have been sent 1/2” accidentally. Contact Voile, and we’ll get you dialed.

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    Sweet Will do,

    thanks DJ

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    Thanks for posting the pics! 8)

    Is it me or do the touring brackets look off center?

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    Thanks, bcrider. This board was totally the inspiration for me to split my beloved Arbor. I have a Burton Custom X that I was considering splitting, but the position of the binding mounts would’ve been problematic for the split.

    Yeah…I noticed the off-centered climbing bars, too. Given my history of misreading instructions, I can easily imagine making a mistake in placing the templates for drilling.

    It actually works out well. In climbing mode, I don’t notice me knocking my boards together excessively.


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    damn, that is beautiful makes me jealous, but in a good way

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    impressive ride man! nice pics.

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    what the hell did you do … splitting an arbor s-series!
    it breaks my heart … 🙁
    never could do that to my beloved 174 …

    otherwise you have a cool and very individual split now!

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