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    Drove up New Years day. Was expecting a lot more snow. Really disappointed from Mammoth to Virginia Lakes. Still needs a few feet.

    Just north of Independence




    After seeing the Bad I was wondering if I should have stayed home. But friends arrived earlier and had scouted some lines hidden around Virginia Lakes, we lapped low angle trees and every turn was cold smoke



    the background in the last photo will show you had bad the coverage is as of 1-3-16

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    Awesome trip Ray! Thanks for the good times and the great shots!

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    glad you got out Ray.

    Is this J-bay Josh or ???? Gotta be from looking at the steeze

    did you flip that last photo? dunderberg?

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    Its Josh Harker….aka Jerska. Mike Melton’s friend from the LA area. Good rider, good skinner. Not a BITCHER like ME

    That last photo I was standing on the shoulder of Dunderberg looking out over Virgina Lakes towards the road

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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