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    The Voile 195 was my first splitboard, bought it new for $400 🙂

    For me, the true beauty of the board was how well it ate up the crud at unbelievable speeds. You’re just chillin out in the back seat with your legs barely even bent while this huge nose soaks up all the junk that normally will chuck you off your line. As an analogy, it’s the difference between hitting those railroad tracks in your 1973 Impala or your 97 Honda Civic… some of us enjoy the smooth ride of our hoopty boards.

    Additionally, I loved how nice all that surface area felt when you were flying across the flats in two feet of new without busting out the poles. I never had a problem with the trees, you knew it wasn’t going to turn well at lower speeds so just pick a clean line and commit, tons of fun.

    In the end what killed it for me was my need to make every powder day involve some crappy mountaineering route on steep, icy conditions. Since I want to hold a nice edge on the ice and still cruise the powder down below, I’ve been rolling a 178 Spearhead which does both very well. However, for anyone that stays primarily in the soft stuff on their powder days, I would highly recommend a nice huge ST.

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    Love the car analogy, it’s a good way too put it. Personally I only have mini swallows in split form. I have a 76 that gets out on the hill from time to time and it is a joy to ride. They are versatile. Even in tight trees the thing can turn on a dime thanks to the tail being able to drop. Like you said the glide factor on lower angles is way noticeable. Most of the boards have close to 30cm of nose past the end of the effective edge so they don’t ride as long most would think. All the haters have never set foot on one. I’ve never heard someone dog one that has actually ridden one before. The ride is like nothing else.


    Can someone just get an email list going with those guys. I mean I know my wife doesn t want me to have another, but Man ! I ll just have to come up with the money somehow….

    Bring it on…. One more F-ing big rig in my quiver…

    I had about 6 days on my195 this year, the board is F-ing amazing….


    @powslash wrote:

    I know, it’s a lot of board, but when it’s double overhead and barreling you will be in the lodge sipping hot cocoa.

    I love it, some Kat who rides 158 knows enough to get on a ST blog with devotees to the Big gun….

    Bring a snorkel too 158 slasher…. we need more of you guys on the big days here in the Tahoe Basin, so we can continue to kill those 30+ inch days, or more so those 11 ft in three day snow bashes… Too bad its the end of the season…. :headbang:


    Right on, Snurfer. I’m a big proponent of smaller boards, but I’d snap up a swallow tail in a second if i found one. That’s the mainline to the soul of snowboarding.

    I do feel that sometimes we’re all way too conservative about what we ride out there. Christ, the whole point is to blast powder, yet a lot of us insist on something that is basically just a variant on the resort board.

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    Who here speaks Italian??

    @Voile on facebook wrote:

    Introducing the new Voile V-tail splitboards. Sizes 160, 170, 180, 190cm. Available Fall 2011. Stay tuned for more details at

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    Cookie Cutter Slayers, bland is dead! :thumpsup:

    As for the Italian site, they are all debating who was the first to print a contour map on a piece of plastic (topsheet)… You know, important dick waving stuff 😉

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    Yes sir I like it.

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    @wavy wrote:

    Who here speaks Italian??

    I do! :mrgreen:
    I found that photo on the Voile Facebook page.

    : you know how it is, nothing else to say about the board so we started speaking about the graphics. If you have some more info about the board they will be very useful to improve the level of our conversation! :mrgreen:

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    As a matter of respect and personal introspect I’ve deleted my previous post. :grouphug: :drinks: :pals:

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    you know i think you are a great dude and all so i say this in love, but mellow out brotha…

    that photo zach has was never supposed to see the light of the internet. for the past three plus years voile has been pressing swallowtails but really only as one-offs and mainly made by employees to test out materials etc… i.e. when i was there last year sometime i saw a new 178ST that was rockered and sidewalled. who knows where that thing ended up. two or three years ago they displayed a new woodie 195 ST at the OR show and it made some waves in the community. However the following fall for whatever reason the board was never released. That is why the whole swallowtail thing was supposed to be hush hush, they didn’t want to advertise and bring a lot of people in until they knew there would be a full production the following year.
    also voile is a good company but(like most ski/snowboard compaines) things get kind of out of control from nov-jan due to the holidays and the OR show, letting people test shit or getting outside input isn’t exactly first priority. I was told months ago that I would be given an RX to test out for awhile, i bugged them several times and finally about three weeks ago i got my hands on one. that being said since you have been in communication with Dave and in ways are responsible at least in part for getting the ball rolling i’m sure they would be glad to let you take a new swallowtail for a spin…

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