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    Thanks for all of the responses and feedback. I ended up ordering 3 bags to compare in hand. The Marmot never summer, Marmot Gamma and Sierra Designs Zissou 6. I was limited to getting a bag through REI because I wanted to use a discount that I had and these were in my price range. It was interesting to compare the bags in person.

    The never summer was the most comfortable because it has the widest shoulder width. It did seem to have the lowest quality of the 3 but still seems to be a great bag. The bag I got actually came with a seem that had failed on the inside. Down was coming out a little. Obviously this was a one time thing. Bag compressed well, the 2nd best of the 3 and seemed to be the 2nd warmest of the 3 even though it had the lowest temp rating.

    The sierra designs looked cool, was the lightest and most packable but seemed like it would not be warm enough. It was by far the least warm of the 3. Too much open air space around the head and neck and it seemed to have the least amount of fill in it. Still seemed like a great bag but not what I was looking for. They do market their dri down alot which seemed like a good feature.

    The marmot gamma was the best of the 3. This bag had the most loft and the baffles seemed to be packed the fullest. The outer materials seemd to be the highest quality and this bag was the warmest. It was the hardest to pack down but still got to about the same size as the never summer with effort. I kept this one beause it seemed like it would keep me the warmest.

    Now for some snow.

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