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    From the Jackson Hole crew. I’ve been to Bondurant once & the only thing lacking in this video is the vastness of the area. You can easily cover miles upon miles of terrain and play in endless varieties of terrain features in this place. Also these guys are a great crew of folks totally willing to share their stoke with folks that want to join in. Although I don’t think they give lessons or anything.


    As spectacular as some of the footage is it still doesn’t do justice to just how skilled these guys are when you’re riding with them & seeing it in person.

    Here’s another:

    The scene where he’s riding through the trees + holding the camera in 1 hand + the bar in the other = skills….I would have spent the rest of my day climbing trees & untangling lines

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    Thanks for sharing! I so want to do this but my wife is murdering me over gear purchases and our local premier spot, Ball Butte, was shut down to kiteboarding a couple years back by our local USFS equivalent of Dudley Dooright, Chris Sabo. Yes, I’m naming names because I think this was a douche thing to do. I’m still trying to get clear if sailing is permitted under the Wilderness Act.

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    I can’t do surf board due to family responsibility and hard timing schedules. when i was try to take time as enjoyment, any hurdle crate in my way.
    In my point of view, snow surfing is the best way to enjoy the spare time in a great manner. It allow us to take a break from daily routine working tensions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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