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    Whoa. Check the new one from Prior. Looks like the old winterstick roundtails. So sick.
    Can we assume it will be offered split soon?

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    Kinda cool, but 6.6 sidecut?

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    Looks like the old winterstick roundtails.

    And the Dupraz D1:

    Bit of a cult stick in Euro-Land, I’d forgotten about it until I saw the Prior. Could make an excellent split. Love the way it comes in 5’5″ or 6′: it’s a bit of a heads up about the surf direction, especially in Europe!

    1 board, 2 sizes, 3 flexes.

    In December 2003 we launched the D1 and its new concept “Dupraz Shape”.

    Our goal was to create really powerful ride for all snow conditions, a ride in which we could keep the same stance to surf the snow and draw tracks in perfect control of your dream lines. We wanted to develop a concept which lets you forget about technique…

    Today you can shred the D1 in-bounds and in the backcountry, in crud or blower pow, whatever the conditions of snow and whatever your style.

    To surf the snow differently, to plot new lines, ride further, and to discover new feelings (or to rediscover old feelings of the pure joy of sliding). It became possible.

    It is for you that we called into question some established principles of the current snowboard. By developing a new geometry based over 20 years of experience of snowboard design. Be open minded and ready to question your body position, be ready to modify the preconceptions you rely on and your way of riding. Those who do this on the D1 are converted.

    Big talk, but it sounds good!

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    I’m kinda surprised that Prior is saying the Fissile has nimbleness of a small board, with the smallest size offered being a 166. Also surprised they say to size it UP 10 mm; in my experience you’d want to size DOWN for a tapered powder board. THat thing must have a nose bigger than Howard Stern. But hey I haven’t ridden it so don’t know.

    Looks like the Khyber actually has more taper than the Fissile.

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    Looks good to me… :thatrocks: I’ve been a Dupraz fan for a while, and assuming Prior makes a split model its another good option for us directionally challenged types…

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    Man you’re right, the Dupraz, I had forgotten all about that board. Funny. The roundtail is more versatile than a swallowtail and rides about the same in this shape. They got the board lengths perfect.

    Buckchow, it’s true, boards like this turn really fast.

    Bring it La Nina!

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    It looks like the Dupraz, and it also reminds me of a board I saw at the 2006 ? Voile split festivle held at Brighton.

    Anyone remeber that guy? He had two things.
    #1- a solid board that didnt have a single flat spot on the bottom. Rounded contiuos rocker. From side to side and from tip to tip. I can see how it would matter how long it is, your effective edge is very small while on plane, so it doesnt take much to turn it. Much like a V-hull boat.

    The guy also had a set of boots . Ski boot sole with a soft boot top.

    Remarkable engineering too.

    I would love to try out this new prior. Look like fun

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    I don’t know, I kinda like the float of a long board and the nimbleness of a short board….on a short board. That’s why I have a Fish LTD 156 😉

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    Hi everyone, I am new here, lurker for 1 year or so.

    Someone was asking about the sidecut. It has a sidecut similar to the new Burton Sherlock.

    I emailed them about it to see the chance of getting it in a regular camber version as we all know ( only my opinion) camber is better and faster in POW :twocents: . Prior said, of course but it was untested in camber.

    Oh, I am a big fan of camber boards in pow. flame away?

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    @powslash wrote:

    The roundtail is more versatile than a swallowtail and rides about the same in this shape.

    I’m with you on the versatility, but I have to respectfully disagree on rides about the same… Nothing rides even sort of like a swallowtail, except a swallowtail. It doesn’t it make it better, but its considerably different… :twocents:

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    Voile V-Tail 170 BC
    Voile One Ninety Five
    Spark R&D Arc

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    Always cool to see more shapes available out there. Kind of surprised that they start at 66 and go up. Seems like the kind of stick that you could go shorter with. I gotta agree with snurfer that only a swallow tail rides like a swallow tail.

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    Sickpow- it is cambered underfoot + rocker nose = F yes.

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    @Snurfer wrote:

    I’ve been a Dupraz fan for a while,

    Yeah, me too! 😉
    I should say that Dupraz better than Spearhead. Just need to try Fissile! Hope it’s don’t be too soft like Spearhead..

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    @Zak wrote:

    I don’t know, I kinda like the float of a long board and the nimbleness of a short board….on a short board.

    Nope! Dupraz 179 is the same!

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    I’ve been riding a Dupraz 179(today too) for deep lift accessed pow days for the last few seasons.

    Here’s what I think of the shape.
    I’m centered directly over the sidecut, it has no rocker but tons of float( more than my Kyber 170). Very nimble and good in the trees with the short radius sidecut(5.5-6m I think)
    Plows through chop/crud.
    The only thing I don’t like is the tail is probably 5cms too long.

    I think Chris saw a lot of friends riding Dupraz’s and decided it was time to try it and get in on the action.Fissile looks good.
    Another good shape to have in the quiver.

    On another new/old shape thought I just picked up a never used(20+ yr old) Crazy Banana 160.
    Full rocker, even with a bit of concave( like a skate deck), similar shape to both these boards but with a square tail and a ridiculous huge sidecut(12ish m). Effective edge….90cms
    Yeah, it’s different.
    Great pow stick but weighs a ton


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