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    2014 prototypes from both G3 and Phantom Splitboard Bindings.
    Shaved 1 lb/ foot from my previous Black Sheep/ 2013 Phantoms setup. Really excited about this. The transition are even faster than before.
    Hope everyone is still out gettin some!!

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    That looks like a slick set up, these new binding systems for hardboots are so trick it makes me consider making the switch.

    Can I ask what boot you are using? I work for SCOTT Sports and we recently purchased Garmont so I picked up a set of hardboots to use on my AT skis (Yes, there are other ways to travel on snow besides a splitboard) and they are 2.1 lbs a piece. The low weigh and looking at your rig makes me wonder if these boots would be good for Spiltboarding. The Chimera guys all hardboot and I am riding a Sceptre.

    BTW without an intensely long hike in or a Snowmobile it would appear my Split season has ended in Sun Valley, but the MTB trails are opening so there’s dirt to harvest.

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    Very nice!!!!!!

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    Looking good!

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    Right on JV. That’s a nice looking setup. That black sheep looks great. Phantoms love Voile hooks. Simple, solid, light and give a great board connection when the split is made properly.

    So stoked to have you testing these out. Getting close to releasing all the details for the 13/14 Phantoms. Want to give JV and a few others some quality time on these before I do and trying to down select a few ideas but so far everything seems to be working as planned.

    Like you see in the picture, a full kit is coming for next season. JV and myself are good with a single heel riser wire, but have a dual version too. Sent all those out for testing, but I’ll see if I can get some pictures back. The little red thing is a simple loop that is adjustable, but thread a ski strap through it and you got a soft heel lock down. Been working really good for me and looking forward to hearing what a few other people think.

    Also, I believe those are the Dynafit Speed Superlites toes/fronts. Half the weight of the speed radicals. I put an order in with Dynafit for those toes/fronts so I can sell a really nice, light, purpose built, complete setup. Just waiting confirmation from HQ, fingers crossed, but looks good. The shadow adapters weight about 22 grams each. Overall, I think the front/toes are going to come in around 100 grams each. Every thing else has no adapters and bolts down to the factory split bolt pattern.

    Hopefully got two more months around here for riding and looking forward to Silverton Splitfest! :doobie:

    Thanks JV. You :rock:

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    Great looking set up. JV or anyone else, do you know the approximate sidecut of the Blacksheep?

    Can’t wait to see the new designs Keffler. Thank you for all the hard work. It makes such a difference for us AT splitters.

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    @chimp wrote:

    That looks like a slick set up, these new binding systems for hardboots are so trick it makes me consider making the switch.

    Can I ask what boot you are using?……

    Not speaking for Joey here, but the Dynafit TLT 5 seems like it’s becoming a standard (and next year’s TLT 6 looks pretty hot). It’s easy to mod, and works super well. Actually come to think of it, Joey was the one who scoffed at my F1s and told me I was wasting my time. He was right.

    Hit me up when you’re ready to give the phantoms a demo!

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    TLT5 all the way until TLT6 comes out. Just like Chimeral said. Funny about your F1’s. I didn’t mean to scoff at them I just could not see an easy way to mod the flex… Glad you saw the light.
    Oh and Keffler… you’re the one that rocks! Keep up the good work. The entire AT split world appreciates it. Or at least they better! :clap:

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    We do!!! John has delivered us to the promised land!! Thanks Keffler!!!!!

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