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    Archie McPhee
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    I’ve been riding a solid Khyber for a few years and found it to be a great board, so I decided to upgrade from a older Prior Backcountry to a Khyber split. After Fedex dropped it off this morning, I spent the afternoon trimming skins, bolting on dual-height risers and Spark LT toe pieces, and then mounted the pucks and dialed-in my Spark Blazes. Now I’m ready for snow!


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    Great looking board! Enjoy

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    Did you go with the XTC Carbon contruction? Or standard? hows the weight compared to the exiting Backcountry…?

    Archie McPhee
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    I considered the carbon, but decided on fiberglass for two reasons: I like the dampness of glass vs. the snap and pop of carbon, especially in the hardback and crud I seem to run into, and I also had a hard time justifying spending another $200 on the board! I definitely think there’s a weight savings on the Khyber, and don’t think it’s just the LTs. Even though the specs say it’s heavier than the current Backcountry, I think it’s lighter than the old one. Maybe it’s due to a difference between the old construction and six years of technology, but I’m happy with the new board no matter what.


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    hi guys , i’m from spain and i’m waiting for a new backcountry split with same topsheet and bindings .i will put the pictures early ,i hope!!

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    Wow, sick set up man, I especially like the Spark LT pin system. I bought a Burton Freebird this year with voile hardware & skins as well as Spark Ignition 2 bindings, it’s no Prior but it splits apart and gets me up the hill. Good luck and have a sweet season…

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    sweet top sheet man! I got a khyber split last year and love it. Enjoy the new ride!

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