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    The ad copy on the new Mr Chomps states that they play nice with the ‘new’ Voile dual height heel risers. The pic of the new crampons looks exactly the same to me in the critical areas where it would interact (or interfere) with the heel risers as the old Mr Chomps. Anyone fondled some of these at a trade show or bought them and can speak authoritatively on what the heck is so new and great about them?

    The other possibility is that Voile has changed their heel risers in some way and Spark was privy to that info and designed the crampons accordingly. Do I smell a conspiracy? 😆


    Nobody? Anybody? Bueller?

    Somebody out there must have some idea why the new Mr Chomps are claimed to interface better with dual height risers.


    I use mr chomps with dual height risers, and haven’t had any problems significant enough that I remember them from last winter… :doobie:


    They have a blog it seems like.
    “Our Mr. Chomps crampons also got a makeover with weight saving cutouts and serrated teeth for even more chomp.”

    I have been happy with mine so far. Probably won’t upgrade.


    I have the Chomps and dual height risers on my boards too.

    While it sort of works, it seems like a problem waiting to happen. When both heel risers are folded down and the tall riser is above the crampon (locked down for side-hilling steeps), then things are kosher. If the crampon is in free-hinge mode (above the high heel riser), then the crampon puts a huge upward force on the touring bracket when you push your heel down. I am worried I will tweak the binding base or break my LT setup. In the low heel riser position with the crampon’s climbing bar raised, it again puts a big upward pressure on the touring bracket. With the crampon’s climbing bar lowered when using the low heel riser, the teeth don’t engage the snow all that much (sort of 1/2 on). With the tall heel riser raised and the crampon’s climbing bar down, the crampon lifts almost completely off the snow. With the tall heel riser raised and the crampon’s climbing bar up, you get most of the crampon’s effectiveness.

    So there are a LOT of scenarios with the old Chomps. And they range from crappy, to so-so, to pretty good depending on what heel riser and crampon bar combo you use. Spark would have me believe that things have improved with the new Chomps. And I want to know why they claim it’s so.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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