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    Looks like ScrubFest has taken a turn for even the better. What started as a bit of joke and the thought that no one would show up has turned into a full on backcountry festival.

    Just talked to VOILE and they will be showing up to the event this year with demo gear, DJ, and a van full of goodies for all the Scrubs. Thrillhead Creations will more thank likely be filming because they are going to run a segment on ScrubFest in their upcoming film and they are working to get their sponsors to contribute as well.

    I am looking at adding a half day of avalanche awareness at the beacon basin on Togwotee. Not a 100 percent on this, but think it would be a nice component.

    There are some rumors that a few boys from California are coming out too. Sure hope to see you guys!

    Remember, anyone driving please bring firewood for the scrub bonefire. Keep posted for more updates.

    Your Scrub Chairman,

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    Wow – that sounds like a fun event. Thanks for putting everything together.

    If there is schwag to be had what about some friendly avy skills competitions for prizes? A beacon locater race, team shoveling race, etc. to encourage people to bring sharp avy skills with them. Just an idea. Anyway, now I’m hoping that I’ll be able to make it up to Togwotee pass this year! 😀

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Cool news WSR.

    There are some rumors that a few boys from California are coming out too. Sure hope to see you guys!

    😉 😀 😀

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    Mr. Chairman,i make a move for required “safety meetings” to be held every morning on or before each schralp session commences. That is all.

    Thank you,sirs.


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    Nice work Wyo!

    Scrubfest is gonna ROCK! 8)

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    right on! I’m gonna have to show up early just to get a good tent spot this year.

    now how do we get these guys on board? 😉

    karma surf
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    Thanks for all your hard work WSR, this bc party is gonna ROCK! 8)

    Who’s breakin’ trail for me ❓

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    Noooice. I’m gonna be back to avenge my (near)death. Looking forward to it.

    Dont see myself breaking trail, I see myself out of shape with all this sittin on my ass I been prescribed…makin excuses already, I am. 🙂

    THC crew, represent.

    I’m not dead yet, fuckers!

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    i’m now a proud owner of a brand new khyber 160 split. thanks prior!

    SurfTheEarth and i are thinking about heading up for scrubfest, draggin the sleds as well. can’t wait

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    Nice work! Can’t wait to see more of your sick backyard terrain.

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    @jonpierre wrote:

    i’m now a proud owner of a brand new khyber 160 split. thanks prior!

    dude sweeeet!……and ’bout time.

    welcome to the party! :thatrocks:

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    WOW this is going to be a great time. I am in for sher!!!!

    Thanx WSR!

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    damn Carversplit just sneaks on in to make an appearance 😉 You gonna be around friday for some touring on teton pass? I think Bridgerhippy and I(possibly more) are heading in a little early like usual and would love to have someone show us a few longer tours away from the crowds.

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    Yo Wyo, count two more in for Scubfest, just got the OK!

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    LLS and crew;I would be stoked to show you some of my terrain ’round
    here.Just let me know with as much notice as you can.I am stoked to meet scrubs who live in places i used to .

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    So any idea on how many people are showin up? I’m figuring 20 or so??

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    Me and two others from Northern Cal.

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    Me. But Im gonna hang with Ecobrad and Powderjunkie. Also bring your NASCAR clothing. It will be a big hit at the Togwotee Lodge After Party

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    Wooohooo!! Nascar attire??!! I won’t even get homesick now. Wonder if they have any Conway Twitty on the jukebox?

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