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    Only online information I’ve found so far:

    Deeluxe FW19/20 Snowboard Boots Preview


    Snowboard Boots FW19/20

    Then you get to Deeluxe’s unique Ground Control; we’ve been excited about this awesome hybrid hard-meets-soft boot carver since we saw the first prototypes eighteen months ago. “It absolutely revolutionizes carving,” says Deeluxe’s Marketing Manager, Florian Heim. “The totally fresh design provides the power and precision of a hardboot while still delivering the enduring comfort that makes a softboot so appealing.” Great job, guys.

    Nice to see some innovation come to boots.

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    Hmmm? For carving groomers it’s probably rad, but from a splitboard perspective it appears mostly useless.

    No Tech binding compatibility
    No hinged ankle pivot (e.g. for reward stride), walk mode
    Hard to imagine any of the existing splitboard hardboot toe bails fitting onto the fat toe-box

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    Yeah, looks sweet for railing groomers. But for splitting, what snurfer said plus it probably needs a diet.


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    Lost me with the Boa, but I third what Snurfer said. Never should have let my wife get boa boots although I could now probably replace a cable in a blizzard with mittens on;)

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    No tech toes, what’s the point? At least someone is starting to address the lack of snowboard hard boots. I wonder how heavy they are.

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    I find it hard to believe there’s more of a market for this than a hybrid splitboard boot. Am I wrong? Is euroland that weird?

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    I saw these in person at the SIA show last week. I do appreciate the concept and the willingness of Deeluxe to create something new and innovative, but this boot most certainly is NOT a splitboard boot.

    1) There is no walk mode.

    2) No tech toe.

    3) It weights about (literally) 5 pounds PER FOOT. Its ridiculously heavy.

    I did hear rumors however that Deeluxe is working on a split specific version of this boot for the 20-21 cycle.

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    You can see that they are using one of the existing molds for one of their all plastic carving boots for the lower part of this boot. It would be interesting to see what the weight of the lower would be if they used grilamid or pebax. I suspect it would still be pretty heavy since the super light AT boots are so thin and really engineered to remove material. That would probably be the first thing for Deeluxe to determine.

    What are everyone’s thoughts on using the alpine-carving snowboard heel shape on touring boots? I expect it’s a pretty negative feeling towards not having a more traditional sole. The fin-tech step in heel piece that can be attached is pretty cool, but I don’t think many would jump unless overall boot weight was like 2lbs. I suspect that wont happen in a boot that isn’t designed for lightness from start to finish.

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