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    Hi guys,
    I’ve been lurking here for a few months, researching getting a splitboard. Finally bit the bullet last weekend and picked up a Burton 168 split, P1.1s and new ozones. I’m stoked!

    My background:
    -lived in Rossland all of my life except for a going to university in Edmonton
    -started skiing when I was 2, snowboarding when I was 10 (I’m almost 23 now)
    -started getting serious about backcountry 3-4 years ago
    -been working part time at Big Red Cats as a photographer for the past 2 seasons
    -this season will be the first time I haven’t had a season pass at Red Mountain in 21 years. I’ve decided to prioritize backcountry riding as I love being in the mountains with just close friends and fellow powder hounds.

    I used to use snowshoes, but that was awkward, slow and heavy so I’m stoked for the splitboard. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions as I get things setup for the season. First tour is in 3.5 weeks to Jumbo Pass!




    You’re too young, speedy. You’ll make us old guys look even older.

    Welcome anyways. :drinks:


    Welcome speedy! :thatrocks:

    My advice would be to return or sell the P1s and get some Sparks. You can thank me later. 🙂

    You’ll figure out the rest and don’t be afraid to ask if not. Don’t forget to share some pics too! 8)


    not to derail the welcome wagon but I’ve always question the logic of not getting pass to the local hill. the catch 22 of splitboarding is that you need sharp skills to ride in the back country, but riding in the back country does not build sharp skills. there is a reson they call them guide turns.

    I’m not knocking your skills, but personly I find it’s worth the coin to grab a pass and shred the inbounds a dozen times a year. plus your pass gives you discounts at other hills. you’ve got one of the best hills in B.C. out your back door, no point not putting that to use. nothing jacks the progresion like racking up 50’000plus of un earned vert in a day. some of the best days I had in the last few seasons have been cruising around slaying pow shots off the chair. :guinness:


    Thanks for the tips. Saw the sparks and while they look nice, I’m not a fan of metal baseplates. For now I’ll stick with my P1s (I’ve had P1s for the last 4 years) because I love the feel.

    I’m getting a punch pass that’s good for 8 days at Red, but really, I’m just over resort riding. Not a fan of tracked out pow, lift lines or the management at Red (that’s the #1 reason I didn’t get a pass this year). 50000 vert in a day? Not at Red. With the current lift system, you’re lucky to get 20000-25000′ in a day. We have enough big terrain in the kootenays that my skills will definitely stay sharp.


    Sweet – welcome to the forum. 2nd that on the Sparks, they definitely make a difference, especially being closer to the board due to the built in slider track, making for better skinning and response while riding. I look forward to some pics from that area, definitely one of the best areas around for scenery and terrain. Good luck w/your endeavors…….hope you get lots of untracked pow….


    got ya. I just question because a few guys I know have gone this route in the last few years. so many it almost seems like its the cool thing to do.

    yeah 50000 in a day is a lot of missing the point, but when the lift will take up up 4700 in under 20min it’s not that hard. one of the things I love about Red is the rickity old chairs, that whole hill makes me feel like a kid again.


    The SLOW chairs are what annoys me, especially when it’s $800 for an early season pass. WTF? If they upgrade the lifts I don’t mind paying that kind of money, but when it takes over a half hour to get to the top of the mountain (which is only 2200′ vert) it’s a little retarded.

    I will definitely post a few pictures and TRs once the season gets going out here. So far the big trips planned are: November long weekend at Jumbo Pass, Bonnington traverse in January (4-5 days/45km of alpine ridge lines), and Asulkan hut for 5 days in February (Rogers pass area). Plus lots of trips around the Rossland range, Kootenay pass and Whitewater. It’s gonna be a good winter! :thatrocks:


    speedy, glad to have you on the site. I am very interested in the kooteneys and selkirks and brittish columbia in general. I am really trying to get up to that area this January. Would you be interested in showing me around? Please keep us posted snow conditions through out the season.


    cheers dude :drinks: Its cool to see quite a few interior riders showing up on this forum as the snow gets closer. I did kootenay pass a couple of seasons ago – you guys get some nice snow down there…


    If you are coming to the area, shoot me a PM and we can probably meet up. As far as showing you around, it really depends on your ability. I don’t want to come off as an ass, but I work 5 days a week, so my days off are cherished and I usually stick to big terrain (when conditions allow) and don’t want to sit around waiting for someone floundering in the snow (I work part time at a cat ski operation and spend wayyyy too much time with goons that think they can ski/ride pow). But, since you’re a splitboarder, I’m assuming you’re at least a decent pow rider and if so, I’d gladly show you around when I have time.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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