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    Here we go another off the wall binding proto type….
    My last go around here was a plate-style binding focused on removing as much weight as possible during climbing with Phantom-level security and board rigidity. I am very happy with the result 😀

    This new concept is clearly for deep pow days where surfing is the goal, having a tight board connection but plenty of “forgiveness” between boot and board. The idea started with the goal of overall weight savings: using the boots rigidity as the main stiffener between board halves.

    I’m concerned about the small contact points damaging my boots so I will be making larger “pads”on the sides. Apart from that (and my rushed hacksaw skills) i like what I have so far. The boot has lots of medial freedom while the boards stay reasonably firm when moving from toe to heel (at least on the carpet).

    Now to finish the other one and wait for the snow to fly!

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    Man, No idea if those will work… but keep it up! I really enjoy seeing what you come up with. Thanks for posting.

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    This seems like the basic ingredients to another clever and elegant design.

    Am I correct in seeing that the binding plates remained fastened to the board during tour mode, while the cable goes in one’s pack? They basically function like large hooks with boot cradles and cable routing?

    Eager to see next iterations.


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    Holy shit, I know what I’m cooking up once I get back home to the garage in January. That is fkna brilliant!

    Thong? Nudes? Boot bikini? Love it mang!

    That was Pontus

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    Yep, the plates stay on the board and I really like the idea of trading off the cable with my skins, which are often in my jacket pocket. (No more taking my pack off when doing quick laps)

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    I want a better look at that DIYnafit toe. What did you use for pins?
    Also, where the cables go through the cut aluminum looks like a serious wear point.

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    These look fantastic. Any updates? Did they hold up?

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    I didn’t get them to the point of being ride worth last season. Guess it’s time to get back to work…
    For the DYInafits I used a bolt that was ground down for the pins

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    Holy cow!
    I was so enamored by the cleverness of the binding, I didn’t even notice your DIYnafits (or that the name was clever).
    Well done…on so many levels.

    If your clamp-style cable attachment isn’t tight enough, perhaps you can employ something with this kind of technology to take up slack (which I assume will creep in after the cable has stretched).

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    Could the cable go through two rigid pins or be attached to two rigid pins where the cable crosses the board halves. The rigid portion of the cables go under a ledge or hooks that would prevent bending between the board halves.

    another thought, look at a Plum WOM hook, it creates a lot more rigidity than voile hooks after a few degrees of movement. they have two overlapping surfaces instead of using the board deck as a surface. A similar theory might reduce the wiggle amount in your binding design a lot.

    You could just epoxy down some lightweight wood blocks for the toe and heel to rest on outside of the bindings instead of riding on the edge of the aluminum. with a block made of poplar, it’s be easy to just belt sand it down gradually to just the right thickness, then contact cement a little foam or rubber on top for a damp connection.

    keep us posted

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    Amsteel blue or similar dyneema cord could be a great replacement for the steel cable. maybe an anchor point could be movable to adjust for tightness rather than adjusting a dyneema cord. Or the weight savings would allow for a small turnbuckle like Hans posted.

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    I didn’t get them to the point of being ride worth last season. Guess it’s time to get back to work…
    For the DYInafits I used a bolt that was ground down for the pins

    Super inspiring work!
    May I ask about how the yellow handle on the tech-toe works?
    Building some carbon fiber tech toes at the moment, and
    I’m trying to figure out some kind of locking / snap device for the pins.

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    Ya the turn buckle idea us definitely a good one. I guess I slowed down on this cause it was getting too bulky, I envisioned a much more minimalistic outcome when I started so I’m kinda going back to the drawing board.
    The DIYna toes started here I still really like this idea, the vid isn’t super clear cause the toe piece isn’t bolted down but the concept is to rotate the boot into the pins and a swing arm locks upright to secure the boot. The yellow thing in the pic was just a different approach to locking the swing arm(in the vid, the lock is a heavy wire that springs like a benner gate but I couldn’t get it to retain its springy-ness)

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