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    We’re about to go on a family vacation and my wife wants to buy a new camera. I’ll be using the camera for all of my sbboarding and other rec events so I want to see what you guys think.

    I want an easy point and shoot with as little a delay between shots as possible. I also want it to be able to fit in a semi-small pocket on the waist belt of my pack. Oh yeah, ~$200 if possilble.

    I also hear that the Cannon Powershots are the shit, correct?


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    If I were buying a compact camera right now it’d be one of these two:

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    You might also consider the Olympus shock and waterproof line. I have a 720 SW that I carry when someone else is carrying the ‘big’ camera. Pic quality is very good, check ebay for deals on NIB models.

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    I have the canon elph SD800 IS wide angle p and s. It’s awesome!
    My last two TR’s are all shot w/ it and the wide angle is really cool for landscape. It even takes great riding photos.
    7 mps allow u to crop really tight w/out losing quality too

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    i have the canon sd850is and love it. the image stabilization helps me.
    its about as llight and small as you’ll find with great quality. I have had two and they are both still cranking along though I’ve been beating the crap out of them both. I recommend getting a plastic LCD cover that glues on the screen to block the sun, but I got it to protect the screen in my pocket. It works. I dont think any p and s cameras are fast enough to get the money shot. I tried a bigger expensive memory card, as recommended, and I do think it makes it faster.

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    Pentax Optio W10-literally WATERPROOF, I’ve taken many underwater shots and they turn out great, also good for surfing (if you’re into that sort of thing), took all the pics on these TRs, also, go to my photobucket to see other shots it’s taken…:

    All in all its about 4.5 Longx2.25widex1inch thick. Very compact.

    The only thing you’ll need to learn is how to set the “continuous (sp)” mode, to take action shots in series.

    They now have the “W30” 7.1MP (about $250) and the W60 10MP(about $400) you could probably still find the w10 out there for less.

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    fuji finepix z1. Only negatives are that it requires a tray to sit in and download photos and charge the battery and that is uses a proprietary battery not able to replace them on the fly. If you have it charged and keep it warm it works great in the bc. Probably not as good an option as some of the others. Very compact and easy to use though.

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    Thanks for all of the recommendations guys. I’ve had good luck with Canon in the past so I went with the Canon SD1100 IS. I’m far from a guru but so far I’ve been very happy. The quality of the pictures seems good and it takes pictures very quickly and is compact. Thanks again.

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    Hi Ecobrad,
    Never used cannon power shot but I have 3 cameras and all are of cannon.
    Better to take more reviews from others before buying camera.

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