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    If anyone’s interested, I’m selling off the Backcountry Ski gear that I won from Backcountry Magazine.

    Black Diamond Carbon Convert 180cm skis ($600)

    Black Diamond Ascension STS Nylon skins 110mm ($90)

    Fritschi Diamir Vipec 12 bindings (108mm Brake) ($450)

    Pieps Dsp Sport beacon ($210)

    Black Diamond Agent pack M/L 20L ($60)

    Black Diamond Transfer 3 shovel ($40)

    Black Diamond Quickdraw Tour probe (280cm) ($52)

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    Ahh. I was hoping for a picture of you burning it all in a pile with you splitting up a ridge in the background!

    (just kidding, nice win!)


    aww dang it! you won? i was still holding out hope that i was gonna win.

    let me know if you wanna get rid of those skis at a good price. like a really good price.

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    Yep, I won! Bummer it wasn’t anything I needed, but it’s selling off pretty quick. So I’ll have enough $ for an airbag. Right now I just have the backpack and bindings left.

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