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    Hey Guys

    I know it’s not a split but I’m thinking of buying a new solid and like the look of the Raptor. Has anyone any feedback on this board. On the UK website they recommend a weight of 15lbs heavier than what I am but don’t see that being an issue. I’m looking at the 164 and I’m 170lbs.
    Any feedback is much appreciated

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    I ride a raptor, it is radical. Its the best board I’ve rode, and I love it as a resort board. Excellent on everything from pow to groomers. I legitimately got a new love for groomers when I got on this board. It’s fast, and sits on rails. I got a taste of completely untouched pow on it as well, and thought it did really well there too. Highly recommended.

    164 is probably a good size. I ride a 159, I’m 150, 5′ 7″.

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    +1 raptor = ripper
    aka shralptor
    if you like to charge you should be all good on a 164
    at 175# i really like my 165X… but i like the 169X even more!!! the thing eats terrain!

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    Depends your purpose. Dedicated resort bomber? Feel good all day board?

    SO owns a 164 @190lbs, did ride it at very high speeds and carved deep trenches, it did well also in off piste pow. But after one season on it, he got an other – more aggressive – board for these purposes, since he felt that it is good, but not great. However, for the afternoon moguls, he loves the Raptor.
    All in all, it doesn’t excell at a certain scope, what makes it interesting is that it can handle everything well; a very nice all day one quiver board for resort/off piste riding :thumbsup:

    I’m no fan of CRC profiles thus not my cup of tea, but I’ve ridden that 164 (@ 120lbs) for a day out of curiosity on groomers and was taken aback how easy and great it carves and how forgiving it is in moguls.

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    I’m 175lbs 5’8″ and ride a 164 Raptor.

    The board is truly a resort destroyer – could easily be a quiver of 1 if funds are slim. ie would have no problem taking it on cat trip sidecountry yadah yadah.

    Its an agressive ripper of a deck that likes to be ridden accordingly. In my top 3 of all time solid decks – think Bomber!

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    I have the 159 and I am 175lbs. Good all around go fast board.

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    While we’re on the subject, anybody have an opinion or comparison of the Premier F1?

    I currently ride a 162 Heritage inbounds and am looking for a bigger, burlier board. (I’m 6’3″ 210lb size 10.5 boots) I’ve demoed a 164 Raptor and it felt no different to me than my Heritage. Although I only rode it in marginal early season conditions. The premier comes in a more suitable size for me (165cm and 25.8 waist) but I’ve heard it feels heavy and dead compared to other NS boards.

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    The Raptor is different from a Heritage to me. Love it, definitely not a cruiser board imo. Have done moguls on it, but I’d rather have a different board for them: shorter and softer. Not that I want to ride moguls too much lol.

    Neni – I wonder what is the more aggressive board your SO chose?


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    @lernr wrote:

    Neni – I wonder what is the more aggressive board your SO chose?

    Jones Carbon Flagship.
    I just stressed the moguls since other boards I’ve tried that are fun to charge are rather painful in moguls (Coal, Highlife, Flagship) but the Raptor handles them well. They somehow managed to make the board fast n stable but still not unforgiving/plankish. Sure, there may be boards more suitable for moguls, but would these also be good to bomb/carve? The Raptor is a pretty good trade-off for all conditions, that’s what I meant 🙂

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    I own a 165 raptorX, I also picked up a 163 cobraX this week and I enjoy that board a lot more. I also own a legacy 159 for spring and I feel the Cobra combines the playfulness of the Legacy and the hold of the raptor. It doesnt do as well in tracked out snow as the raptor. Raptor is great for groomers as others have said and I rides pow well. I do find the cobra to be much more fun.

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    Sorry to drag up an old thread but I figured it better than starting a new one about the same board. I just got my ’14 Raptor 159 yesterday and I’m sort of surprised its not stiffer. Obviously I can’t really tell until I ride it but I expected it to be much more rigid from tip to tail. I compared it to my ’08 GNU Riders Choice and I’m not sure it’s any stiffer which is surprising because the GNU has over 100 days on it. Any thoughts? All I heard about was how its a really stiff board and I really want something I can charge on without a fear of getting squirrely at speed. Just wondering what other impressions were regarding the flex of the board. Thanks in advance for any input.

    Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

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    yah i don’t think its super stiff… i’ve had stiffer sticks but i do like the flex of the raptor. and it takes a lot of riding before it gets just a bit softer, really doesn’t turn into a noodle after a season or 2, just gets a bit more playful.
    also the stability at speed is due as much or more to the dampening and the sidecut as the stiffness.

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