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    I haven’t posted here for a couple of seasons. How is everyone? Well the OG split crew is still out and about !!!

    Got Invited on a 5 day, sled accessed splitboard trip to a small but wonderfully fun Nevada Mountain Range. Although my usual area was full to the brim with good snow, I figured being in for a new adventure and to get there by sled was worth giving up a few days of know good conditions for some exploration
    Snow turned out to be pretty good with plenty of coverage and it was fun to do a multiday snow camp again

    Starting out on the long drive

    Got to Los Angeles to pick up the sleds and a couple of camp buddies

    Many Miles of this view

    Finally our destination in view

    Trailhead organization

    This area is TOP SECRET so you wont recognize this famous line in the area .

    After loosing one sled to mechanical issues we finally made it to the camp spot

    First night at the campsite

    Time to do what we came all this way for

    Josh Climbing for the Goods

    and dropping

    We played all day on Lake Peak


    Mike points out the available options

    More skinning





    More god stuff this way

    Classic Western Landscape

    And some more riding



    Afternoon Camp Fun

    On the way out Josh found a little line He had to hit

    We headed back to California with Big Smiles and Sunburns

    Good Times

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    Looking good!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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