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    Ooooh, first post in the off-topic forum! OK PDX area splitboarders, curious if you have any neighborhood recommendations/breakdowns for me. I haven’t lived in Portland since 99 or so but may be relocating up there in the near future for a project I’m working on. Yes, I know the skiing is better in the Seattle area…. Curious if you have any recommendations on neighborhoods. I lived on 22nd and Everett before, and also lived in the Beaverton area for awhile (which is not an option, want to stay w/in city limits). Thoughts on where rents are still reasonable, but there’s easy access to bars/restaurants/etc.?

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    Bigdood, you might want to PM Jack, he moved down there sometime this spring from Seattle. Other than that, can’t help ya.

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    @kjkrow wrote:

    you might want to PM Jack

    Last I heard, Jack was living an alternative lifestyle and started skiing. 😯

    jus playin Jack! Hope all is well.

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    I hope you’re talking alternative like Nirvana/Pearl Jam and not alternative like Folsom St. Fair :poke:

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    I may not be hip to the latest info but I think “NoPo” (North Portland) is where the young and restless are currently paving the way for the next wave of gentrification. Not sure of the exact lat/lon, but look for the scooter-riding kids with tight, straight-leg jeans, vintage Nikes and full beards(just the guys… so far).
    I think all parts of p-town have good bars and restaurants. Personally, I am an eastside kind of guy. North of Powell-ish, South of Sandy-ish, West of 82nd-ish …these are my general stomping grounds. Plenty of brew-pubs, theater-pubs, sports-pubs, non-specialty-pubs and restaurants that serve beer. Of course, now that I am a parent, my priorities have changed, we now spend most of our nights out at the brew-pub-with-two-play-areas-for-the-kids. Mt. Tabor Park sits near the middle of this area and is a mecca for local longboard skaters, cyclists, drum circles, dog owners, navel gazers, etc.
    I like being near the MAX (lines have grown a bit since 99) for getting downtown and I-84 for trips to Mt. Hood and the gorge.
    Good luck and lets go hike and ride.

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    Pauldrake – thx for the info. I’m definitely not looking for the hippest of hip spots to live – I mean my bike has gears AND brakes! 😆 We will definitely have to get together for a beer and to play snowboards if I make it up there! It’s crazy how much the MAX has expanded, was up there for the OBF a few months back, love how you can go from the airport to out past Hillsboro, plus now you can go east/west as well. Smart stuff.

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    I haven’t lived in Ptown for almost 3 years now but do still visit often to see friends and family. I would have to agree with Pauldrake. I use to live off 33rd between Belmont and Stark and loved it. Easy to get downtown via bus took about 10 min., or even could walk if you wanted. Lots of local pubs with and good food all close by. Much better then in Beaverton where you do have a car to go just about anywhere. I would also look into the Woodstock area. Its a little more south then powell but still has section of cool spots. and the rents my are little cheaper, but there is deals to be found pretty much everywhere in Portland. It seems that people find the best places by just driving around looking for the for rent signs and calling. It worked good for me and a few people I know. I don’t know why but the old landlords only know how to use there trusty for rent sign and can’t figure out how to use craigslist and are to cheap to put an ad in the paper.

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