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    Can anyone send me the tiny nut that attaches the plastic lever to the metal arm of Burton’s interface? I have the screw, but lost the nut. I’ve asked local hardware stores big and small but that nut with the fine thread is very had to find. Your help would be very much appreciated.


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    I lost mine also & was able to replace both the screw/nut at the local Ace Hardware. It wasn’t an exact match but was the right size screw/nut combo to fit the holes so I bought a few & replaced both. Make sure you use blue threadlock compound when putting the new hardware in.

    I actually have quite a bit of Burton hardware I’d give away if anyone wants it – however I’d rather just box it all up & send all at once. Just pay the shipping cost & its yours. There’s a few riser bars, an interface a couple of base plates….etc.

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    i’ll take it. let me know what shipping will be and i’ll send you a check or pay your via paypal. email me at c88gthdr-at-sbcglobal-dot-net.


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    Had the same issue, just replaced both the screw and nut as described above.


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