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    we’re all jonsin, huh? well i’ve been checking the MWO site to get some stats before i get my hopes up too much. here’s some figures to quench your thirst from the summit.

    avg oct snowfall: ~14″. 2005 oct snowfall: ~80″. ytd snowfall: 1″
    avg nov snowfall: ~40″

    disclaimer: these are rough numbers cause i don’t feel like going back and forth to get actual numbers. i am also not sure of the statistics and from when these measurements were taken (historically). either way, i feel comfortable betting on that they are accurate enough for some of us to boot it up within a month or so. keep an eye out and hope for a decent enough day to get out. the wind is a serious consideration heading up there too. the snow will come, but will the wind hold out? wow, long disclaimer.

    does MWO issue daily avi advisories or weather conditions? like a mass email list you can sign up for? i looked and can’t find anything. thanks in advance.

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    there is a website w/ avy reports and weather reports.. google tuckerman ravine.

    that being said, late november is when the season typically starts for good snow years. last year’s october snow was a bit of a freak incident.

    the top of washington gets a lot of ice…its typically not the best place to board.


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    freak incident or not, nothing wrong with a little hope. 🙂

    last october was great…i remember being “sick” on a wednesday and having the october 16 snow at cannon all to myself. i can still feel the huge grin and warm feeling welling up when i strapped in and started down. wooohoo! and then going out again the following saturday with 4 of my best friends and playing/riding around in the sunshine….

    mmmm…i can’t wait!

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    they have the advisories…..

    Problem with the avg. monthly totals is it doesnt alwaysmean it sticks around…..not to mention the wind/ice that was mentioned before…….

    But since HOPE is all we got, im hoping too!

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    Dave, why are you asking questions about Tucks and why does your signature say nEAST? Thats a long way from Montana did you move?

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    p420: yep. back east. why you ask? i graduated, more professional opportunities and closer to family again for a while. just trying to figure out some info on tucks and meet some folks to do some bc with back here this year. looks like i may find out what the ice coast is all about if i head up tucks early season. 😯 keep hoping i guess. heard buffalo, ny got 2′ last night! it may have already melted. too long of a drive for me anyways.

    also, looks like i may be relocating to N VT in about a month or so, so…

    thanks affix for the advisory info.

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    If you seriously wanna hook up sometime, im game. Im fairly versed in Mt Washington and have some stashes in the Daks too…..

    I feel for ya being back east, so if i can help ease the pain….let me know….. 😀

    Check out

    Im a VERY active member over there and there are some GREAT folk who post alot of good info on the rockpile once the snow flies….

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    Enough with the hopes. Get out there and make some turns this weekend.

    I was out on the auto road yesterday. It was ridable down to about the two mile marker. I didn’t bother to spilt because booting worked just fine but it was pretty sweet for October. Of course, the word is it would have been a lot sweeter if I had gone to VT.

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    D*MN I wish I wasn’t leaving town on Sunday. I’d be up there in a heart beat…

    Here’s another thought though… If it doesn’t melt too much, me and another guy are talking about a trip near Cannon Mtn next Sunday (Nov. 5th)…

    The details are a little sketchy, but since Cannon hi-trail will be involved this will NOT be a splitboard trip, so much as a hiking trip with a downhill section off the front side of the mountain…

    PM me if’n you might be interested.


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    careful if anyone’s heading up mt washington. not advised.

    In the clouds with showers of mixed precipitation.

    Highs: around 30°F

    Wind: SSE 30 to 45 mph increasing to 50 to 70 mph w/ higher gusts

    the cold spell is over and dropped some white for us. warming up and don’t expect the white to stick around. get out there!

    hopefully cannon is holding enough to make it worth a skin. weather should be kind of crappy, but not like above. still wet though. enjoy!

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    Don’t overlook early season skinning at friendly resorts in the East. Some great days last week Oct 26 and 27 at Jay and Stowe. Thick, creamy snow with excellent coverage. Nice friendly skin up the blue trails and sweet riding down the blacks on fresh tracks. Doesn’t get a lot better than this – an entire resort just for you and a few close friends.

    Out here it’s still mostly AT skiers who are tuned in to this – I mentioned something about this a few weeks ago but most folks didn’t seem to think to much of it so I didn’t continue the thread…..

    If I had the tech savvy I would post photos but am clueless how to get the photos up. (Check out photo of the day from for Oct 26 – the PR guy was wrong when he said it was skiers(!) getting their early fix…..) We totaled about 13,000 vertical of untracked. Great start to the year. Many of us are seriously disapointed when the resorts open to the public at Thanksgiving.

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    Well, I went to Vermont yesterday and split up Stowe. The snow was very heavy but there was a lot of it and it will make for a good base when the weather turns cold again.

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    good to know Flanz. thanks.

    i skinned up cannon on saturday. a whole 6-7″. pretty much slippery grass. enough to make some turns though. one quick run. that’s it.

    i heard the river is opening this weekend and they have recieved some snow as well. the loaf opens the following weekend i think.

    r@1n r@!n go away!

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    my gf is a patroller at the River, and they’re putting off opening due to not having enough snow at the bottom yet. They’re going to fire up the guns this weekend as it gets colder, and hopefully get it open next weekend. At least that’s the rumor.


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    should be another good foot or so by tommorow morning.

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