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    Randomly dropping down to CO after the scrubfest, I was treated to some light fluffy pow in the Berthoud backcountry. Sleeping near the pass, enjoying sun and a chill atmosphere worthy of the finest Coors ad, I was in bliss. Some guys I met up with from wp/denver in the parking lot were kind enough to show me around, snapping quality photos in the process. Here’s some of what we found:

    Stinky style but fun nevertheless. Perfect photos are too damn hard to get.

    This is what it’s all about!!! Waist deep pow in some truly fine stashes.

    I didn’t expect much from Colorado, but was more than pleased with what I found. Maybe I won’t diss it as hard from now on (though I’m still prejudiced in favor of maritime snowpacks). All hail powder!

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    Nice shots! Looks like the rock garden area off of the aqueduct. Lot’s of great places to air it out, which I heard you did plenty of. Evan said he had a blast riding with you in Steamboat.

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    sweet pics nomad!!! Very stylie and great composition. Props to you and the photog.
    I’d send ‘em to Prior too! You never know they might use one and give you a deal on a new split. If not, at the very least I know Dean would be very stoked to see them.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Stinky style but fun nevertheless

    If that’s stinky I’m freakin rotten to the core.

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    That is actually a pretty sweet shot in my opinion…you can really make out its a split!
    The colors and clarity are right on…

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    Hell Yeah that first pic is sweet. Glad to see you ended up getting those pics. You heading out anywhere this weekend with all this snow?

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    Nomad-SICK! Perfect arm over the head with a little dust coming off the rider technique Method Man style. Sick photos and way to tear up the gnar.

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    A great match of subject and shooter!!!!!

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    Nice shots man that looks sweet. What type of camra did they use?

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