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    I just wanted to be clear that I agree completely with Scooby that for the most part there’s no reason to attach a name to where you went to shred. When I started I couldn’t get anyone to go out into the BC with me, so I had to learn everything on my own and some of the best zones were found by takiing wrong turns and making mistakes. My beef was that it sorta implied that posting videos, headcam, etc. is somehow narcisistic. Go preach that shit to Jeremy Jones, it’s fun for us wannabees to be creative and share our passion. Shit the footage I got from this recent weekend that I haven’t posted yet, I’ve watched/re-lived probably about twenty times now, it’s fun for me I don’t give a shit what other people think.

    The local BC has changed dramatically in just the last 5 years and will change even more in the years to come. I think the biggest recent change I have seen aside from the increase in numbers is the complete lack of respect by the younger dudes getting into it. Some guys get into the BC call the central Wasatch the “Sheeps pen” like your idiot for wanting to shred Days and even better SAVE PLACES like FLAGSTAFF. They think their so bad ass and all the older dudes farming wiggles are fools. Fact of the matter is their just a bunch of wannabees and those old dudes farming turns are 10x as Punk rock as they are. Show some humility, don’t want to make wiggles fine, don’t need to talk shit on those who do and you should dam well respect them because many of them are the reason there is backcountry to ride and were not forced to ride lifts all day and take shit up the ass from stupid ass ski patrollers. I grew up California and my whole family is from Bozeman, I like where I am.

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    My panties are fine thanks for asking. I made $8000 last year I also live in poverty.

    Like Utah I’m not disagreeing with you. I just think there are a lot more important things to worry about concerning the wasatch then peoples trip reports.

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    @wasatch surf wrote:

    there are a lot more important things to worry about concerning the wasatch then peoples trip reports.


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    I get frustrated with the crowds and envy those of you who are able to get out during regular business hours but this place is still pretty incredible. There’s plenty of opportunity for the career minded, cheap housing for the dirtbag types, a city that’s pretty enjoyable and has great local beers 😯 , the deserts, the other ranges outside the “pen” all harbor great lines and few takers, the fly fishing, etc… AND you can still easily find untracked snow here. It just may not be found in the classic must-do zones and may require brushy exits or a scooch-hike-bonk fest down teh Millcreek or Lambs roads.

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    Yesterday I went and skied a line off the peak in the middle of the photo.

    This. I’ve been poking around back there a bit these last few years. Once off the knob where you snapped that pic. I think I will have to go ride above the treasure box now. Big thanks for the inspiration :thumbsup:

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