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    My name is bcrider and I like the band My Chemical Romance.

    There…I said it and now I feel better.

    Apologies in advance to mtnrider, ecobrad, and affix snow. :mrgreen:

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    I’m an Electric Light Orchestra fan, I celebrate their entire collection…

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    🙄 🙄 🙄

    Please tell us your kids made you listen to it.

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    I like Thievery Corp.
    If you don’t have
    you are missing out. THOUSANDS of channels.

    On Winamp, I like Fusion out of Chicago, Dead Radio, Groove Salad, and – try the popsicle version.
    Haven’t yet found a great jam-band channel outside of Dishnetworks’ Sirius Jam On.

    The music goes on…

    Rock on!

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    🙄 🙄 🙄

    Please tell us you haven’t exposed your kids to it.

    affix snow
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    Its ok BCr. Although completely overplayed, they are a good band. Great musicians. At least you dont like some of the awful awful rap that is out there.

    Seriously though, if you havent already heard of them, check out

    Rise Against

    Cali band. Very Kick ass.

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    @affix snow wrote:

    Cali band. Very Kick ass.

    They’ve got the Cali sound, but I thought they were from Chicago. Speaking of Chicago and celebrating entire collections….oh nevermind.

    BCR, just don’t admit to listening to Fall Out Boy.

    affix snow
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    Oh damn!

    Yeah Chicago!!!! (WTF was i thinking?)

    Yeah, Fall out boy sucks assholes.

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    ugh…oh well. I’ll try not to hold it against you.

    Rise Against 7/29 in Sacramento tailgate party?


    Rico in AZ
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    I hope you’re not gonna show up at the trailhead wearing mascara and eye liner… 😉

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    @affix snow wrote:

    …At least you dont like some of the awful awful rap that is out there…

    My name is SanFrantastico and I’ve been listening to the Pootie Tang soundtrack really loud in my Big Yellow Car.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Well, P-tang rules but I don’t know about the soundtrack…

    I like WASP and Poison, oh yeah and White Lion too.

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    Super Sonic Soul Pimps, ZZ Top, Youth Brigade and the soundtrack to Fear of A Black Hat. Besides I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, its one of the funniest spoofs out there.

    Oh yeah and Huey Lewis & The News. 😳 😆

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    My name is nothingmuch, and I’m such an attention whore that my musical shame has a home page.

    I draw the line at emo though 😉

    P.S. you’ve still got good karma as far as i’m concerned, bringing back fond memories of TOOL

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    Charlie Daniels band 🙁 I can’t help it! I was born and raised in Bama and Georgia……………

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    the notwist

    puddel of mudd

    4 lyn

    and the great 😈 AC/DC 😈


    el diablo
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    I am el diablo and I listen to the Presidents of the United States.

    I am gonna get myself a tiki god.

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