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    I didn’t see this story posted on this forum. Copied it from TTips –

    Keep a look out for this one-of-a-kind snowboard.
    Help solve a murder!

    The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office is seeking help in their investigation into the death of a Colorado man.

    According to Detective Sergeant Dennis Claman, the body of Benjamin Bradley was found north of Rock Springs on October 1, 2006. He was hitchhiking from Grand County, Colorado, to Jackson, Wyoming, on a snowboarding outing when he disappeared in the Rock Springs area on Friday, June 2, 2006. Bradley, a committed snowboarding enthusiast, was a white male, 28 years of age, 6’3″ in height, weight about 160 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in brown wool cargo-pocket pants, a blue hooded sweat shirt, and a grey t-shirt.

    Bradley had with him his custom-made, one-of-a-kind Never Summer “split-board” snowboard, a representation of which is pictured here. According to Claman, the snowboard splits into two short skiis, permitting the user to climb up slopes. The split board can then be reassembled and used as a conventional downhill snowboard. Claman said the snowboard has a black bottom bearing red, dripping letters “NS.” The board’s upper side is blue with a white mountain scene.

    Bradley’s snowboard has not been recovered, and the case is being investigated as a homicide. Anyone with information concerning Bradley, pictured here, or his snowboard is encouraged to contact the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office at (307) 872-6350, the Rock Springs or Green River Police Departments, or local law enforcement.

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    I read that story yesterday. Condolances to his family. This is fucking bullshit!!!

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    Sad story I hope they catch the people that did it.

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    Yeah, I read this in the paper the other day. Hope they catch the bastards. Everyone on this forum should keep an eye out for that board. NS splits are one of a kind so it would be a pretty big clue… My partner has one that is similar. Hitching in Wyoming is sketchy especially around rock springs. So many lowlife redneck truckers, just buy a bus ticket.

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    This is an extremely sad and unnerving story. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Ben.

    We DO need to do anything we can think of to help catch the person that did this. Let’s keep an eye on ebay auctions for NS splits as well as places like Craig’s List or the splitboard swap page.

    While we don’t know for sure, there is a chance that Ben was a member of our forum here.

    RIP Ben

    ps. Does anyone know Beeg? I noticed that he is from CO and has a very similar looking board.

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    Fortunately he posted up earlier this month; so safe to say it isn’t him.

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    I read this story, but have no connection to it other than our boards were similar. RIP Ben.

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    I got my eye on you,beeg 😯 😯 😯 😛

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    glad it wasn’t you beeg!

    ps. I wasnt implying that you could be involved in the murder, I was implying that the victim might be you.

    anyone heard from bfr?

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    It’s awesome to see the splitboard community looking out for each other!


    I’m up on Mont. Pass a good handful of times during the winter. Good trip report you recently posted. Since you’ve got your eye on me, I’ll save ya cold PBR in the parking lot. 8)

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    Nice. Yeah,keep an eye out for us. We’ll always be grillin out afterwards,or some bacon gutbombs in the morning. Any beers fine with me! I always bring up some sort of brew,nobody else in the crew ever thinks ahead. Lazy mofo’s

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    Bens story was featured on local news tonight, and Sweetwater county sherriffs are calling the NS split an important clue and are asking skiers and boarders for help in locating it. I hope the publicity can help get the word out, it was the top story tonight and hopefully someone who knows somthing will come forward to help out!

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    Sad story. More info here.

    Another reason not to hitchhike in WY. There are some crazy methed up fools around there. I hope justice is served, I call for an eye for an eye in this case.



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    Man Beeg …. you are going to have a rough winther this year when every other backcountry skier/boarder calls the sheriff.

    Do you have a different base so you can at least show quickly it’s not the same board?

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    Here’s what the base of my board looks like.

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    Man, people really suck. 👿

    RIP Ben

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    @beeg wrote:

    Here’s what the base of my board looks like.

    Yes, that should show the sheriffs quickly that they can go home again. 😛

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    I don’t have any new info, I just wanted to update the pic of the board. It wasn’t the T5 top on it. It had a Legacy top, it was numbered 165 Blaho Bros #55. The base pic is correct. RIP Ben

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    Wow, good on the investigating crew for not giving up on this. Hope this guy rots…

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