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    So after slowly outfitting the family with bikes its finally my turn.

    I’d probably like downhill but I’m not looking to drop that kind of $$$. I’m thinking more about a entry to mid level bike that will allow me to go on probably 10 rides a year. I’d like a little room for growth too and I want to stay around the $500 mark.

    So any advice? I wanted to get a Marin (similar to what I got Skyler) but the REI brand Navara seems to be a much better value in the price-point.

    Once I get a bike I’ll be asking for some trail advice too. SLT and foothills area.

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    Not really knowledgable, but I just got a Kona Stinky. I traded my scooter for it , but I am not really feelin it. Perhaps you have something in your quiver you might want to trade me for it?? Bike is in excellant condition.

    My reason for not feelin it is I think I want something a little more cross country.

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    Linky to bike specs? What gear do you need/want?[/list]

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    Don’t spend less than $2,000 on a new bike. If you can’t spend that kind of dough find a used one. You’ll break a cheap bike. Trust me. Nothing is more frustrating that mechanical break downs far from home. A $500 bike will likely have knock-off or low end suspenion and a low end drive train.

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    When you get it, dont let JimW. ride it. He will break it. And if Im around make sure you dont set it down near the road

    Rico in AZ
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    When you get it, dont let JimW. ride it. He will break it. And if Im around make sure you dont set it down near the road


    A $500 bike will likely have knock-off or low end suspenion and a low end drive train.

    Agreed. I’m into my 2nd season of riding and loving it. Buy a good bike. Ebay is great. Look for the ’08 ride you want, then look for the same thing about 2 years old on Ebay. It’s worth the extra coin for a better ride.

    You think you might like downhill?

    This scene literally happened to me and friends last week. We were finishing our ride on a moderate downhill section, though with very little danger, non-technical stuff. This guy is standing in the trail waving his arms. We stop and right away we see his buddy is bleeding badly from his face. He’s got cuts all over his face, and could see he messed up his teeth. We ask where his teeth are, he says in the back of his throat. 😯 So, we call 911, and the ambulance comes. Follow up: One of us goes to see this guy at the hospital, it took 50+ stitches to close up his face, and he lost 6 teeth. So, if you think you’ll be into downhill mtb’ing, a full face helmet is obvious.

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    Another vote for ebay here. I picked up my ride a couple months ago, paid half of what the previous owner shelled out (I like to call him “my benefactor”)

    Seems like you can get a decent bike new in the $1500-1800 range now, based on when I was shopping.

    Another place to try is Jenson USA. They are always closing out last yr’s Jamis models – which seem like pretty well spec’d bikes.

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    hmmm, I’ll have to look for the specs.

    Well, You already got rid of the carbon khyber? I already have one anyways.. I want something a little less powder oriented.
    and a bunch of little stuff.. I want some mr. chomps, verts, another beacon, probe, shovel for my girl, altimeter, voile plates… I could probably think of more….

    I also have the full face giro with built in sound system I’ll throw in the trade.. I’ll get a picture of them both when I go out to the lab later. I gotta see if I can figure out what year it is.

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    Hey BCR,

    I’d echo the price point thing if you really want to ride seriously off-road. A new $500.00 bike will land you a hard tail with entry level components that are on the edge of handling serious off-road riding. It sucks, but you really need to get over the 1K mark to find something that will last.

    I’d stick with the big brands for the most bang for you buck if you want to go new – Specialized, Trek (yes they actually make good mtb’s now) and Giant. One little tip is that you want to get to shops soon and look for model year 08 bikes. All these “cost increases” in the news have hit the bike industry pretty hard. You’ll get less for your dollar with a model year 09 bike.

    The used E-bay route is a great idea but it can be a bit of a crap shoot. You just don’t know what someone has done on/to the bike.

    Bottom line – if you REALLY get hooked that $500 bike will get kicked to the curb. You gotta start somewhere though. If it has two wheels, rolls and you have fun, then you are good to go.

    Just promise us all you won’t get a 29’er…

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    PS …and don’t buy a used bike you haven’t seen in person.

    PSS …If you get a 29er I’m not riding with you.

    PSSS ….don’t get less than 6″ of travel front and back.

    PSSSS ….you live an hour from Toads and other big rides, you will be riding “downhill” fo’ sho’

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    I was recently in the same spot…

    I was not real keen on dropping a ton of coin on a bike. Take Rico’s advice on the “newâ€

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    craigslist if anything, not ebay. Get any used bike checked out by a shop.

    Also, call Mike at the backcountry and see if he has any last years bikes, or maybe good condition rentals. I bet he’d cut you a deal.

    You’ll want a FS and yeah, spend the money now, or you’ll just end up spending it later replacing parts and upgrading.

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    Agree with everything that’s been said so far. Also another vote for craigslist over ebay. More likely to get a good deal, and more chance of finding something local. If you’re firm on the price point, I would probably not look for full suspension, because you’ll probably just end up with crappy suspension and crappy components. You could find a decent used hardtail for that price. If you’re just going to use it for mellow rides with the family, then components etc may not matter so much, but if you want something that will last, that you can take on more serious mtb rides, and that you can upgrade without wasting money (i.e. having to upgrade every component), then it really pays in the long run to spend a little more up front. Some bike shops also have demo bikes that they sell at the end of the season. I would also suggest checking out the local bike shops, finding one you like, and doing your business with them. In the long run you’ll save money if you’re a regular, for tuneups and discounts etc.

    Oh, and I’ll stress-test the bike for you when you get it! 🙂

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone.

    I can not afford (or justify) spending 2000, 1500, or even 1000 on a bike. I understand that you get what you pay for and all that but for my needs (riding with Sky and the family) I just don’t think I need that kind of performance. I’m also not looking for full suspension, just a basic hardtail. I don’t see myself doing rides like Toads anytime soon. I could get hurt and then I couldn’t splitboard and then life would suck. I just want to be able to go on bike rides with the fam on bike trails and very basic dirt trails like around Folsom lake, think flat. As for craigslist and ebay I’m not a fan of buying gear from people I don’t know and product I can’t see in person. Maybe I’ll consider craigslist though since you can often go look at the product if the seller is in your area. I also like the idea of checking with Mike at the backcountry. I’m not used to paying full price for anything and I’m sure he’d hook me up a little. Great idea.

    Thanks again!

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    One can never spend too much money on a bicycle…unless you don’t use it.

    You will break the $500 bike. You will most certainly outgrow it in less than ten rides. Unless it’s a >$1500 bike new, than you got used.

    6″ travel bikes these days are really good bikes. You will use all the travel shortly. If you get one that is built as an all around bike from a good builder, you will not regret it, and soon your kids can ride it. More than 6″ is usually a park bike or mostly built for ripping down. Not that that’s a bad thing. I ride my 8″ up and down all the time. But for me, the up is just to get to the down. I have a good hardtail for the epics.

    If you just want to putter around the green spaces, then a used hardtail would work. Even a beater from a thrift store will get you out with your children.A new $500 mountain bike is really just built for very smooth trails and will not last. The wheels will go out of true, the components will not be as durable.

    Disc breaks are better. Sticky tires are great for wet rides. Suspension these days is much better.

    What everyone else said about 29’ers!

    Post pics when you can wheelie and manual.

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    Ok, I am lazy..

    I didn’t even attempt to take any pics or look for the specs.. sorry.

    I agree strongly about looking at a used bike with a magnifying glass. One guy attempted to trade me an iron horse with a hairline crack in the frame. The bike I ended up with I got from a guy near 60, and it barely looked ridin. I like buying off of craiglist sometimes because you can meet the seller and sometimes get a feel for how the equipement was treated. But then the shop is still more guaranteed.

    From what I read in your above post, I don’t think you want what I have. I think it is too springy and heavy to just go out tooling around with the family. Or, I suggest, two bikes!!! I honestly ride my girlfreidns 200$ hard tail/nose shcwinn more then anything.

    Get a price point to go riding with the family. If you like it, then go for something better.

    I would also like a divide… 😉

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    Check your local police bike auction. Most police departments in large cities auction off confiscated or abandoned bikes, as well as other stuff like boats. I went to the Minneapolis auction this past week and saw a $2500 road bike go for $400 bucks. most of the bikes were junk or little kids bikes but there were at least a half a dozen quality bikes.

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    Sorry to redirect this a bit, but after seeing the 29’er comments I have to share a little story.

    The other day I was talking to my buddy who splits and I mtb with quite a bit. I’d been doing some thinking about the parallels between mtb and splitting and I asked him if he thought that Splitboarding was the 29’er of the backcountry? I didn’t want to think so, but thought we could be seen as those dedicated freaks that chose some alternative b/c tool, etc.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments here. I feel reassured that we aren’t the 29’ers of the snow world. Maybe a FR bike is a better analogy? A little heavier, doesn’t quite match skis for climbing/traversing, but rules going down? Yeah, I’ll take this one instead…

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    Forget the bikes – get some kites instead 😯 .

    Play on land, in the ocean, fresh water or snow. I’ve seen women having fun with it, although I haven’t talked my wife into it yet 😕 . Skateboards work with a kite. Year – around possibilities, you don’t have to commit a whole day to get out & have fun if there’s wind nearby. No boat necessary. Once the gear is on-hand the only real costs are getting to & from the location. If you’re mtn boarding in a nearby park or parking lot not much driving involved.

    As far as bikes go – a friend that used to be a big-time bike shop owner told me brand name is almost irrelevant. They all use certain components on specific types of bikes ie. suspension, brakes, wheels/tires, frames. He said its most important to know what features & the quality of those features you want than to focus on any specific brand. Such as front & rear suspension vs hard-tail….then rock shox or fox or ?

    Ultimately if you can find a cheaper bike that has the most of the components you want then its a great deal for you.

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    sack up and spend the dough to get a nice ride for all the killer trails you have near you.

    Otherwise spend $50 on a cruiser for the family rides and save up for the squishy.

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