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    Well…… The Funks been deep lately. Nothing like that 70’s George Clinton mothership funk. :nononno: Nor like that late 90’s phish phrenzy phunk. 😕 Nooooo. It’s that stuck in the mire, boot sucking muck funk. Where your head just floats around in a fog. Fog that obscures your vision, clouds your perception, distorts your reality….. The not so funny thing is this fog has been getting noticeably thicker with the lack of snow in the PNW. 🙁 I could feel it mentally and physically. It’s mid-season and I’m back to pre-season form. I can feel the toxin’s accumulating in my trophic body.

    Man it was about time.

    The weekend of January 11th a storm doubled our base in northern Oregon. A strong ridge of high pressure followed, promising strong inversion, and corn snow up high.

    My next window, free of responsibilities, was January 17th. I know the cure for this funk! 😉

    I contacted some mountain brothers to help lift me…. and it was on.

    …..+/- 6000′ at the weather station, watching the sunrise, the personal fog was starting to lift. A few moments of clarity, for all you NA/AA :guinness: :doobie: . 😆

    …..+/- 7800′ my head was clearing, my body was almost idling smoothly. This is after 5100′ vert of backfiring, poping, snorting and hissing.

    …..Then I felt like I was being watched. 😯 Back in the day I lived by “Just ’cause your paranoid, doesn’t mean you’re not being watched. Spidey senses on! Then there it was! 😮 Coming in out of the west. This mechanical contraption proceeded to hover over and around to the east.

    At this point you can make us out on the upper slope.

    ShredOr crushed it, on top as usual, CR, then Krinkle

    Then it disappeared into the crater? To the North?

    Final footsteps to rim, a Beastie Boys loop with Tibetan throat sing becomes louder in my head. After a few hours on the rim. We tore the roof off the Mother Sucker. Got all crosseyed and painless. Cured by Dr Funkenstein. Third eye blazing with cosmic juices. I’m ready to return.

    CR counts his blessings. Great day, great crew and friends made with the “eye in the sky”. I never thought that was possible.

    I believe ShredOr will tell the tale from the ground.

    Safe Travels, CR :doobie:

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    I feel your funk. Maybe it’s the skunk?

    Well done. Stoked to see more from the eye in the sky.

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    The skunk keeps me unsunk. 🙂 It’s funny to Experience S.A.D. with lack of snow, rather than sunshine. 😮

    Unfortunately the “Eye in the Sky” was a chance meeting, not likely to be replicated. Here’s a few pics from a predecessor on 5-18-80.

    Wow, would you look at that


    Think we ought to stay upwind Bruce

    Suck her up

    Visibility kind of going to hell Bruce

    So OK, you want a closer look

    Don’t you think we should start turning

    Ah, that’s better

    Lean forward Bruce, thanks


    Closer look at rim

    Looking up

    Having fun ladies

    Feels good to be baptized by powder again. Safe Travels, CR :doobie:

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    What’s the backstory on this? How did you get the aerial photo’s in the first post?

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    Awesome Day! :doobie:

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