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    I may be mistaken… but, I’m fairly certain that they don’t have the right to regulate what goes on, inside your car.

    I belieive that the only way they could get away with this is if the ASPCA declared that the conditions were inhumane.

    I would just challenge the rule, let them tow your car, then sue that crap out of them.

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    Hmmm. Interesting. You may be right, but there is the fact that dogs are not allowed on their property and a dog inside a car in the lot is defacto on their property.

    Perhaps since the dog technically is hovering above the ground (supported by an automobile) I could claim that the dog is only passing through their airspace which they do not control. 🙄

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    Yeahhhh… I’m fairly certain that your car is considered your private property, regardless of where it is.

    Having been ummmm…. well, having had to “worry” about the contents of my car in the ddddiiiiiiissstant past, I remember that there is an assumption of privacy applied to a person’s car, regardless of location…. even includes car washes. The owner or leaser of a parking lot doesn’t have the right in infringe upon that privacy… likewise, they are not responsible for the contents of your car.

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    That doesn’t seem right to me.

    You park your car in my driveway and I’m pretty sure I have the right to have it towed.

    You park your car in the parking lot of some buisness and if they have a valid reason not to want your car there I am pretty sure they can have it towed also.

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    right…. but valid reasons to tow a car do not stem from the contents of the car, unless a valid law-enforcement agency has gone through the proper procedures.

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    We need to find a bunch of doggie stuffed animals. Place them in cars. See if the car gets towed.

    But I still like my doggie doo doo idea. 😀

    Options are endless.

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    Zach – did you see my new signature. Especially for you, my friend.

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    You win… I can’t place it…..

    Does it have something to do with eating sushi and not paying?

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    Hey buddy, watch the thread drift, huh? This is a serious discussion directly related to splitboarding!

    Help, I’m swimming in a sea of off-topic crap!

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    That’s it…

    No TV part tonight 😡

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    The assumption of privacy when it comes to certain substances unfortunately ends if the item is in plain sight. Typically a police officer can search your car under these circumstances:
    1. You consent
    2. They arrest you and you were in your car (can search premises where arrest occurred)
    3. They have a warrant.

    The other situation is if the item in question is in plain sight. Hard to hide a dog.

    I’m not sure if this applies to the towing situation, but I would bet that property rights would be supreme in this case (at least in a judge’s mind), and that they would allow a resort to dictate what transpires in their parking lot, no matter how arcane it is.

    Sorry to hear about the policy though….usurpation of interesting local areas like this one seemed to be is a sad commentary on our world, and it makes riding at resorts less fun.

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    that’s like telling ted nugent his crossbow isn’t considered alpine equipment…

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    That’s like telling Ted Nugent to play Stranglehold on the piano.

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    I parked my car right at the entrance to Mt.Blows today to access the nearby BC. My dog came with me, but I left a semi-realistic stuffed German Shepard in the back peering out the window. No incident. Next time I do that I’ll call in a dog complaint. 😈

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    Heh heh heh…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    This is my first attempt at replying on anything here , but the fact is that we bring our dogs everywhere we go.Especially if we are hiking and sliding around on the snow. The problem that I see is that rarely do the people who see those dogs in those cars or around the lot at MTR know why the %^&* they are there in the first place, and so that means they really do not understand what kind of other people are at the ski area as well…..While I was out on Incline Pk. The other day a bunch of overweight beer drinking snowmobilers were saying “oh isn t that cute….” watching my 3 dogs coming down the mountain….Man …help me out here…I want a refund too ….Changing rule s mid season… what kind of
    #$%^ is that ?

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    Word is that Mt.Rose is not inforcing this new dog policy. An employee told me that one of the bigshots there brings his dog and he (the dog) is the one pooping near the deck. I put my kids in lessons there on Sunday and saw several dogs, heard a dog or two barking, and there was even a puppy tied to a demo van near the ticket booth. My dog behaved as usual without incident.

    Now not only do I not respect them for this stupid draconian non-policy, but I have even lost respect in the management for there lack of follow-through. Or did they even intend to enforce it? Bogus. Or did public pressure make a difference? I dunno.

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    @knucklesplitter wrote:

    …one of the bigshots there brings his dog and he (the dog) is the one pooping near the deck…

    Ain’t that always the way. Some other bigwig probably stepped in it and thus a new policy was born…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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