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    Always cool to go to a new location. Mt. Reba is on the west slope of the central Sierra’s next to Bear Valley.

    The crew was Ecobrad, Marcus, Thomas, and PJ

    Two days of amazing snow.

    Day 1 – Sunday

    Marcus breaking trail up to Mt. Reba

    Reba’s west face

    Eco getting deeeep on the west face of Mt. Reba

    I like this shot and I think Eco liked being the photo slut

    Day 2 – Monday

    PJ’s turn to slut it up

    Lower portion of first run. A little wind loading in there making it even deeper.

    Eco skinning up to Mt. Reba with our first run in the background.

    Eco with the pay off

    All I can say is this lower section was sooooo nice.

    Mokelumne Peak.

    Thomas crusin’ on the upper south face.

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    Thanks for posting, PJ. I had a great weekend. Deep down we’re all sluts.

    I gotta give a shout out to bcrider. I’ve been riding his Burton Custom 165 split and have been spoiled. Although on this trip I would have liked a 175 ST! 😯

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    nice work boyz!

    so now that the recon trip is outta the way…are you gonna take us back to the goods? 😀

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    For good reason, PJ didn’t post all of his picts. 😉

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